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Top 5 Filler Flowers Commonly Used in Bouquets

| Wendy Han


Filler flowers in bouquets may seem small but they, in fact, play a big role in the overall design of the bouquet. Filler flowers can be used to add colour to an arrangement or provide support for other larger, more prominent flowers within a bouquet. Giving the arrangement shape and form without adding too much bulk, these flowers also help fill in empty spaces in bouquets that may otherwise feel incomplete without them. As you search for the perfect bouquet from your chosen Singapore florist, you’ll definitely want to see how the following types of filler flowers are incorporated to put together a stunning arrangement.

Top 5 Types of Filler Flowers in Bouquet Arrangements

1. Eucalyptus

While looking great by itself, eucalyptus adds more beauty and elegance to almost any type of bouquet. This allergy-friendly filler looks modern and sleek and while it has a lovely soothing scent, eucalyptus can also deter pests and other insects. This lovely plant can be best paired or added to a bouquet of roses, peonies, carnations and hydrangea flowers. It can be put on a vase at home any time of the year and it can also be given during birthdays and congratulatory events.

2. Dusty Millers

From its name "dusty", this bouquet filler has felt-like grey leaves, which seem to be adorned with silver dust. Dusty miller also has small flowers, which can be yellow, pale pink, lavender, or blue. Considered as the best textured leaf for any occasion or season, dusty millers go very well with silver or white combos but it also makes colourful flowers stand out and shine. Symbolising youth and gentleness, dusty millers can be paired with white, purple, pink, and yellow flowers. 


3. Feverfew Daisies

Feverfew daisies are not only known as an effective medicinal herb but also as a beautiful filler for breathtaking flower bouquets. Feverfew daisies also have small petals around a yellow centre making them look like buttons and they are sometimes mistaken as chamomile. Related to chrysanthemums and tansy, feverfew daisies will add a bright and adorable accent to your vase or bouquet arrangement.

4. Limonium

Also known as sea lavender, Limonium is a hybrid variety of statice. It is an amazing filler because it adds texture and height to various types of arrangements. They are usually added in bouquets given during wedding anniversaries, birthdays, or when you simply want to give flowers to someone who needs a pick-me-up. With its name derived from the Greek word "meadow", Limonium has flowers with different colours such as lilac, purple, white, pink, yellow, and blue.


5. Baby's Breath

While filler flowers can help to create the perfect balance of colours and textures, they can also be used as accents in their own right. As an extremely popular addition in bouquets, a bunch of baby’s breath flowers can also be stunningly beautiful in a bouquet. 

Baby's breath will never go out of style and can make any event more romantic and memorable. As a symbol of everlasting love, baby's breath can be added to any flower arrangement meant to be given to a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend or that special someone. It is a classic, simple yet elegant flower that not only gives any arrangement an instant touch of magic, but also makes an equally big statement on its own. Most of all, baby's breath flowers also exude unconditional love, which is why it is the perfect flower gift for your loved ones. 

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