Frequently asked questions

Q. Why is there surcharge when I select certain delivery dates?

The surcharge accommodates for higher flower cost, logistic cost and manpower cost during this covid period. As much as this surcharge is implemented, we still pride ourselves as the best priced bouquet shop in Singapore.

Q. Can we deliver to CBD/Town offices?

Yes, we can still deliver to offices. However, all collections will be done at level one of the office building, where our delivery guys will drop the recipient a call to receive the items.

Q. Replacement of Flowers/Fillers/Foliage during this period of Covid-19 Situation

In view of the Covid-19 situation, our florists might have to replace some of the flowers used in the bouquets if it's unavailable due to shipment delays. For any replacement of flowers/fillers/foliage, the value of the bouquet will be matched and our florists will try their best to craft at a similar colour theme as much as possible. For any major changes that will affect the overall look on the original bouquet, our admin girl will drop you a call. Thank you so much for your kind understanding! =)

Q. Do we still deliver to hospitals during this period of Covid-19?

Yes, we do.

Q. Who is the florist?

Our florist is our very own Wendy Han, home-grown uprising talent in the flower industry. She personally does every bouquet to ensure quality and consistency to the flowers and most importantly takes the upmost pride in doing her bouquets/flower arrangements to guarantee customer's satisfaction. She even goes the extra mile by checking for quality for each and every flower she gets from the nursery. She is reachable via whatsapp / call @ 8031 9620 around the clock but please no prank calls =)

Q. What are the delivery time slots?

We provide same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on Saturdays & Sundays.

Delivery Time Slots:

i) 10am to 2pm (Free Delivery)

ii) 2pm to 6pm (Free Delivery)

(P.S. please order in advance that will help us greatly in providing the best service that we can offer But for URGENT ORDERS , Please call Wendy asap, we will try our best to help. )

We have an additional service for our customers where we can deliver right to the recipient's hands at a specific timing but please let us know and do take note there will be an additional cost as well.

Q. How much is the delivery fee?

Standard Delivery is FREE!
For Specific Time delivery, there is a $30.00 surcharge + GST.

Q. Can I customize a flower bouquet?

Yes sure you can, we can customize the wrapper, the flowers, even the ribbon to a certain colour or type that you require. You can contact us via email and do send us if you have a photo of a certain bouquet/arrangement that you would like us to replicate, but we try our best to customize to our very best.

Do email us with the following details:

Name of Sender: _______________________________

Contact of Sender: ______________________________

Product: *Flower Bouquet / Bridal Bouquet / Flower Vase / Flower Basket / Others (Please Specify: __________)

Type of Main Flowers to be used: *Roses / Hydrangea / Lily / Sunflower / Others (Please Specify: __________)

Quantity of Main Flowers: _______________

Budget: $100 / $150 / $200 / $250 / $300 / Others (Please Specify: __________)

Date/Time of Delivery : __________________________________________________

Recipient's Address : __________________________________________________

Message to Appear on Card : __________________________________________________

*(Please Circle where necessary)

Q. Can I remain anonymous?

Of course you can! We love to help our customers to remain anonymous to the recipient by creating a sense of mystery and secrecy. We promise not to divulge the sender's details to the recipient or anybody. So secret admirers and lovers who would want to spice their love life up a bit by giving a surprise are MOST welcomed.

Q. What are the payment methods?

We accept both VISA/MASTER/AMEX via our online purchases. We gladly accept bank transfer to our OCBC current account No. : 712 414 267 001 do kindly email us or WhatsApp Wendy a screenshot after you have done the transfer. Thanks!

Q. Can I come to your shop?

We are mostly doing e-commerce but you can drop by to do self-collection or if you would like to discuss on wedding arrangements or specific flower bouquets you are most welcome to drop by @ 22 New Industrial Road #01-11 Primax S536208.

Do contact us if you want to come see our beautiful floral studio. Thanks ~!

Q. Do you deliver to overseas?

No, we only deliver our products within Singapore.

Q. Can I change delivery date?

A full 24 hours notice is required to be given to us as we prepare the conditioning of the flowers during this period for the flowers to last longer in a bouquet when delivered to the recipient. If the notice is given to us in less than 24 hours prior to delivery, an additional 50% fee of the purchase price will have to be borned by the customer for workman hours and flower cost to be compensated.

Q. Can I choose a bouquet from your website and request it to be a ribbon-tied bouquet?

Yes, however, you have to informed us via email/whatsapp @ 8031 9620. This will have an additional $10 charges for workmanship. Kindly do not indicate this request under the special request column to avoid being missed out on this request as this has additional charges to it. Thank you! =)

Q. Can I change the delivery time or delivery address urgently?

Do email us @ for any changes for your order and let us know how we can assist you with your request if urgent matter arises. However, we do not hold responsible for not accepting or fulfilling the amended requirements as this might affect other customers' deliveries. Nonetheless, we will try our best to help!

Q. Disclaimer: Sizes of the bouquet; Single (S), Double (M), Triple (L).

Only the number of the main & secondary flowers will be doubled or tripled for (M) & (L) respectively. Fillers & foliage will be added accordingly to suit the design of the bouquet, and might not be doubled. Kindly take note that the (M) & (L) size options of the bouquet does not mean that the size of the bouquet will be doubled or tripled.

Q. Terms & conditions - Refund Policy

Any changes to your order shall be communicated via email to us @ only. By making a purchase with Floristique Pte Ltd you are agreeable to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Refund Policy:

  • Full Refund: for cancellations made 3 days in advance (with reference to delivery date) however, a 10% or $20 admin fee (whichever is higher) must still be paid to cover the refunding costs.
  • 50% Refunds: for cancellations made 2 days in advance (with reference to delivery date)
  • Any other refund requests made will be accepted or declined at Floristique Pte Ltd's own discretion. Floristique Pte Ltd reserves full rights to decline a refund request.

2. Floristique Pte Ltd will not be liable for flowers and arrangements once it has been delivered and acknowledged by recipient or on behalf of recipient to the designated delivery address.

3. In order to prevent delays in our operations, our couriers will wait a maximum of 10 minutes in the event that the recipient cannot be contacted via mobile. After which, the buyer may choose to pay an additional $20 for re-delivery at a later timing or date.

4. Floristique Pte Ltd reserves full rights to accept or decline any purchase(s) made with a full refund if in the event of rejecting the purchase after payment is done.

5. Floristique Pte Ltd is in no way obliged to send photos of the finished product to customers, especially during peak periods as we conduct quality checks to ensure bouquets are in good condition before delivery. However we will try our best to do so if requested. Feedback of end product is most welcomed.

6. Floristique Pte Ltd takes pride in the products and bouquets made by us and ensure the best of quality and service that we can provide at that specific juncture upon purchase.

Q. Replacement of flowers/fillers/foliage & sizes matters

As all flowers are seasonal, we shall replace with others of the same value should the flowers/fillers/foliage is unavailable. With regards to the sizes/colours/shapes of the flowers, it may differ in terms of colours/sizes/shapes from the product photos as flowers are a nature product. Nonetheless, our florist team will still craft out beautiful bouquets for our customers at all times.

Q. Are we GST registered?

Yes, we are a GST registered company. All orders shall be subjected to a 7% Goods And Service Tax (GST). GST Reg no. 201623922H
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