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  • Same Day Island-Wide Delivery Available
  • For Bulk Orders (>$500), Kindly Whatsapp Us @ 8031 9620
  • Free 1-to-1 Exchange If Quality Is Not Satisfactory

*All Wholesale Flowers Come In Original Packaging From Overseas.

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Singapore's 1st One-Step Fresh Flower Wholesale Online Shop

  • No Minimum Order Required
  • Same Day Island-Wide Delivery Available
  • For Bulk Orders (>$500), Kindly Whatsapp Us @ 8031 9620
  • Free 1-to-1 Exchange If Quality Is Not Satisfactory

*All Wholesale Flowers Come In Original Packaging From Overseas.

  • Flowers love water and a cooling environment.
  • Place them into a beautiful vase in an air-conditioned area as soon as possible.
  • Changing of the water and trimming the stems on a daily basis will help to prolong their life span too!


Whether you are planning a wedding or simply looking to create your very own flower bouquet for a loved one’s birthday, there is no denying that fresh cut flowers can do wonders in brightening up a space and help in the celebration of festive occasions. But the regular brick-and-mortar florists that are strewn all over Singapore might not always be the most pocket-friendly option, and rarely would they have a wide enough selection of fresh flowers, green filler leaves and more that you can buy in bulk. This is where flower wholesalers come in.

Often the go-to choice for florists, wedding planners, hobbyists and even regular customers, florists that specialise in wholesale flowers might function like those in your neighbourhood wet market but definitely take things up a notch with accessibility, variety, affordability, and delivery. Buying flowers in bulk from wholesalers means that you will be getting the freshest cut flowers that last and boast the wow factor, all at an affordable rate. Floristique wholeheartedly commits to this standard, consistently delivering excellence in wholesale flower services.


Find yourself constantly searching for “where to buy cheap and fresh flowers in bulk” or “where to buy green filler leaves online?” You can call off your search as Floristique is the ultimate florist that supplies wholesale flowers in Singapore. As one of the leading flower wholesalers in Singapore, Floristique is your one-stop shop for all floral needs, offering an extensive collection of fresh flowers, bulk flower petals, loose flower packets and even dried flowers to pick from. But here at Floristique, we take your experience of buying fresh flowers wholesale in Singapore to new heights with our unique personalised e-commerce platform. Enjoy wholesome prices on our range of flowers, filler leaves, loose dried flowers, unrivalled customer service, and free standard next-day delivery to your doorstep without meeting any minimum order requirements!


At Floristique, we understand the challenges of having to fork out exorbitant amounts for tasteful flowers. As such, keeping the quality and beauty of the blooms in mind and anticipating the needs of our customers, we offer all that is needed to create beautifully designed bouquets and arrangements. If you are looking to buy different types of flowers like eustomas, carnations, hydrangeas cut flowers, sunflowers fresh cut flowers, cut flower peonies, or cut flower roses at wholesale prices to purchase in bulk, we’ve got the perfect solution. With our wide flower selection and delivery service, you can order some of the most beautiful curation of cut loose flowers online and have them delivered to your doorstep. Supplied directly from fresh flower farms from around the world, get your hands on everything from dusty miller plants, daisy bundles to green filler flowers and other seasonal blooms, all year round at reasonable prices.


Green filler leaves and flowers enhance bouquets and wedding tables with natural beauty. Filler leaves add volume, while green fillers like eucalyptus and ferns offer texture and depth. For table decor, loose greenery artfully laid out on the table creates a lush, continuous look, enriching the overall ambience with an organic touch.


Flowers are no doubt delicate and vulnerable to the weather and might be damaged during the delivery phase if not transported with care. Being aware of all these bottlenecks that come with flower delivery services, we take extra precautions to transport your bulk flower purchases safely and carefully, keeping them in the original packaging from overseas. Regardless of your purchase, be it dried flowers, bulk flower petals, or fresh cut flowers and green filler leaves, our team is skilled and experienced in transporting them, ensuring that the lifespan of your blooms is sustained and they reach your location in tip-top shape. 


Looking for a florist that specialises in the wholesale of fresh cut flowers, preserved flowers, green filler leaves and more? Look no further than Floristique. For years, Floristique has been supplying the freshest flowers to customers across Singapore at affordable prices. Buy flowers in bulk online at wholesale prices all year round by conveniently adding them to your cart and leaving the rest to us. From the packaging down to the delivery, we will have your orders sent to your location of choice by the next working day. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Cut Flowers and Filler Leaves in Singapore

1. How do you make fresh cut flowers last longer?

Flowers can typically last up to 12 days if you cut off the lower part of the stalk before putting them loosely in the vase. Receiving beautiful flowers equates to happiness, so you’ll want to keep them blooming as long as possible. At Floristique, we only deliver high-quality loose flowers and cut flowers that are nurtured to last longer than their average lifespan. When you order loose flowers or fresh cut flowers online, consider our add-ons that extend the vase life of flowers by up to 60%.

2. How do you preserve fresh petals?

There are various ways to preserve fresh petals. One is to put the petals between book pages for about a month. This method will produce prettier dried petals. You can also leave the petals under the sun for two weeks. But why not get rid of the hassle of preserving your own fresh flowers? Because at Floristique, we boast a wide range of preserved flowers too!

3. What type of loose greenery can be used as a table runner?

Floral runners that include loose greenery such as eucalyptus, ferns, dusty millers and more bring a simple yet elegant touch to table settings. Their natural textures and varied hues complement any event theme, effortlessly enhancing the table's charm. Combining the freshness of green filler leaves with the beauty of flowers on a table creates a visually captivating and cohesive display, perfect for adding a sense of natural elegance to the occasion.

4. What type of greenery lasts the longest for table centrepieces?

For durable table centrepieces, eucalyptus, ferns, and baby’s breath are excellent filler leave choices. These green filler leaves remain fresh and vibrant, adding lasting natural elegance to the flower arrangements.

5. Common types of foliage or green filler leaves for bouquets

Popular foliage and filler greens for bouquets include eucalyptus, ferns, dusty millers, feverfew daisies, and baby's breath. These elements add texture and volume, enhancing the overall aesthetic of floral arrangements. They're essential in creating balanced, visually appealing bouquets.

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