What Does Your Favourite Flower Say About Your Personality?

| Wendy Han

With so many different flowers that come in all sorts of shapes and colours, we all definitely have a favourite we love buying or receiving from others. But, have you ever wondered about the meaning behind your favourite flower? Or what does it reveal about your personality? No doubt there is no one type of flower that can describe an entire personality; however, there are many different qualities that can be associated with certain types of flowers. Continue reading to discover the unique qualities often associated with the following flowers.

If You Love:


Those who are into rose bouquets are often described as true romantics at heart. Passionate and sophisticated individuals, you are emotionally inclined and more likely to think with your heart.

Roses are classic and versatile, which means these alluring flowers can have an array of meanings depending on the colour. Red roses symbolise desire and love; pink roses mean gentleness, happiness, and grace; white roses are a symbol of innocence, purity, and reverence, and so on. In a nutshell, people who love roses have a traditional, quiet, and calm exterior.


Sunflowers symbolise adoration. Wondering why so? They are bright and bold flowers that exude joyfulness and cheerfulness. Bubbly and energetic, sunflower enthusiasts appreciate comfort more than anything else.

Sunflowers also signify pure thoughts and dedicated love. No matter how difficult the day might be, sunflower lovers always instil optimism in whoever they meet.



In general meaning, they symbolise refined beauty and purity. However, their meaning may vary depending on the type and colour. For instance, a bouquet of yellow lilies can symbolise cheerfulness and gaiety; white lilies represent understanding and modesty. To learn more, check out the difference between lilies and calla lilies in terms of meanings and colours.  

Lily lovers are quite often amazing in a way that makes them rare and brilliant. They are not in the habit of arguing. As a matter of fact, they have a calming presence and are diplomatic, striving to make the world a better place!


Tulips also carry different meanings depending on their colour. In general, they are used to express true or perfect love and fame. Red tulips represent a declaration of love; white tulips symbolise forgiveness and worthiness; unlike before, yellow tulips are now more commonly associated with happiness, cheerfulness, and hope; and purple tulips represent royalty.

Tulip people are excited about life and adore new experiences. As this level of excitement is unbelievably contagious, people love being around them, reasons why they are never short of friends. Their caring and laidback personalities actually make them excellent teachers.


If someone likes carnations, they may seem shy but in fact, they can be the most optimistic and hopeful people. Those who gravitate towards carnations are best described as ones that are incredibly helpful and remain, no matter what, down to earth.

In terms of meaning, red carnations usually symbolise love, admiration, and pride, while those in pink represent the love of a mother or woman. Additionally, white carnations can be associated with pure love and innocence.


Peonies are fragrant, fluffy, and lush. They are long-lived flowers that exclusively bloom for a short period of time. People who are fond of peonies truly appreciate small gestures and are sweet-natured people. Peonies have a few different meanings, including indignation, compassion, or bashfulness. They also represent good health, prosperity, happy life, and happy marriage.

Peony loyalists are positive people who are always looking forward and ahead for the future. They are empathetic and thoughtful toward others and are elegant, bold, and bright.

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