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It’s that time of the year where we remind our hardworking and dedicated mothers how much we love them for raising and parenting us. Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and wouldn’t it be perfect to shower her with a beautiful bunch of flowers from your local florist in Singapore? But before you start shopping, here are some tips from the experts at Floristique that might help you out to pick out the best flowers that suit her personality. Every flower has its own specialty, and symbolisation. Sending the right type will give you the right message. We’ll teach you how to choose the best flowers based on your mother’s preferences and personality. This way, you can convey your heartfelt gratitude to your mother for all the sacrifices she has made in your life and make her Mother’s Day one that she will never forget. Learn about the best flowers from our team in Singapore now!



The colour pink has been many of our favourites for a long time, the meaning of happiness, gentleness, and femininity is written behind the beauty of this colour. Pink flowers, in particular, are notable representations of elegance and grace in the purest form. The colour of pink has become a notable symbol of love and it is truly perfect for a Mother’s Day bouquet in Singapore. This pretty colour can be found in daisies, lilies, carnations, azaleas, and roses.



Fresh white flowers are often associated with purity and innocence. The colour itself also symbolises honesty, purity, and perfection. White flowers will be perfect when associated with your special bouquet to convey how perfect and special your mother is. This pretty yet classic and astonishing colour can be found in tulips, daisies, orchids, and roses. Perfect for Mother’s Day, white flowers showcase humility and gentleness. They are popular colours in Singapore.



A truly unique colour that we love and adore so much in flowers like hydrangeas, or even cornflowers. This soothing colour actually means tranquillity, softness, and peace. It also symbolises hope and the beauty of things so when you give out blue flowers for Mother’s Day, you are delivering a piece of beauty that is reminded from the receiver in Singapore. Remind your mother of her ageless beauty and eternal kindness with a neat bouquet of notre blue flowers..



When one sees the colour green, you will be reminded with the colour of the earth. Green means nature, and green flowers can be a symbol of rebirth, good health, as well as youthfulness. We don’t see the colour green selected in flowers often, so this type of flower is perfect for your mothers who have eccentric personality and unique taste. Some green flowers you can use are bells of Ireland, button flowers, green cymbidium orchid and anthurium. While they may be difficult to find, our team will do our best to pick the freshest minty green flowers and have them packaged in time for Mother’s Day. Moreover, we offer delivery services for bouquets islandwide in Singapore!



This small aromatic evergreen shrub of the mint family has been widely used in perfumes, aromatherapy, and medicines since the ancient time. While purple is the colour of royalty, and pink is the symbol of love, lavender is femininity that is all grown up. It is a perfect shade for any mother. The colour lavender represents refinement, grace, and elegance. Lavender holds a sacred place in nature, and with its violet flowers is often considered the most delicate and precious. A perfect gift for Mother’s Day with its delicate scent that can soothe even the most anxious minds. Lavender bouquets are well-loved amongst our customers in Singapore.



The colour that represents dignity, pride and success is no other than purple. Feminine and refined, purple is versatile and adaptable. Whether grouped alone in a bold range of rich hues or mixed in with other colours to provide depth and contrast, an arrangement filled with purple blooms represents accomplishment and admiration. This gorgeous colour can be found in flowers like roses, tulips, and many more. For Mother’s Day, try choosing purple bouquets from our website in Singapore to sweep your mom off her feet!



Everything looks better with a little red in it. Red roses are the most common red flower, but there are many other varieties of red colours that we can find in red carnations, red tulips, and red gerbera daisies and they will all transmit your message of desire and passion. The shade of red flowers is the closest that shows the likeliness to your heart and it is why it is given so often; it is a symbol of love.

All of the beautiful Mother’s Day flowers are available via our online florist shop, and are applicable for 24-hour delivery in Singapore. We are the most up-to-date flower delivery service that is ready to help you send the perfect gift all across Singapore. We choose the freshest flowers on the market to make sure your bouquet is in tip-top condition. Come, visit us now and make your order of your best gift to date. Help us help you to have the best time to celebrate Mother’s Day.

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