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In moments of illness or recovery, a small act of kindness can have a profound impact. Get well soon hampers in Singapore are curated with this compassionate spirit, offering a blend of comfort and care to those facing health challenges. These hampers are more than mere gifts; they serve as a symbol of support and encouragement. 


Packed with revitalising tonics, wholesome snacks, and comforting treats, each hamper is carefully curated to uplift spirits and promote well-being. They are a thoughtful way to show you care, helping to ease recovery and bring a touch of joy to someone's day. 


In essence, these wellness hampers are not just presents, but heartfelt gestures that convey wishes for speedy recovery and lasting health.



Check out the most sought-after Floristique get well hampers in Singapore, the perfect gift for supporting loved ones on their path to recovery or encouraging a journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

1. Pink of Health WHP

The Pink of Health WHP is thoughtfully assembled to support wellness and recovery. It combines a selection of items that are both nourishing and comforting. With a focus on antioxidant-rich foods and energy-boosting drinks, this wellness hamper is perfect for those seeking a gentle yet effective way to regain strength and vitality. Adorned with an assortment of flowers, it brings a cheerful touch to brighten anyone’s day.

2. Healthy Smiles WHP

Healthy Smiles WHP truly embodies the spirit of wellness and rejuvenation. It's packed with healthy tonics and a special essence to bring a smile to those recovering from ailments or fatigue. By gifting this get well hamper, you can convey heartfelt encouragement and support, contributing positively to their journey to optimal well-being. 

3. The Health Essentials WHP

The Health Essentials WHP is a delightful mix of nutritious snacks and comforting essentials. It serves as the perfect gift for loved ones recuperating, health enthusiasts, or anyone in need of a wellness boost. Packed with a variety of antioxidant-rich nuts, heart-healthy oatmeal treats, and light, wholesome crackers, this healthy food hamper caters to both taste and health.

4. Healthy Indulgence WHP

Indulge in wellness with the Healthy Indulgence WHP. This unique Floristique wellness hamper, available across Singapore, combines health-conscious snacks and drinks with the beauty of fresh flowers. It's an exquisite gift choice for those who seek both nourishment and aesthetic delight.

5. Oatly Nuttylicious with Flower WHP

Crafted with a touch of joy and wellness in mind, the Oatly Nuttylicious With Flower WHP combines the charm of fresh flowers with a selection of oat-based treats. Elegantly arranged in a stylish crate, this healthy food hamper is an excellent gift for anyone in need of a cheerful and nourishing uplift. 


Floristique offers cheap get well soon hampers in Singapore, filled with a bounty of comforting and nourishing contents to aid in recovery, making your purchase truly worth it. Delve into the thoughtful items commonly included in our hampers:

Health tonics and supplements

Our get well soon hampers include health tonics and supplements, such as bird's nest for rejuvenation, essence of chicken for strength, ginseng for vitality, and Vitamin C for immune support, all aimed at enhancing recovery and wellness.

Teas and beverages

Within our selection of wellness hampers, you'll find soothing herbal teas like chamomile and peppermint, invigorating green tea, and sweet natural honey, perfect for warming the belly. These selections are chosen for their restorative benefits.

Nourishing snacks

Treat your loved ones to nourishing snacks for a well-balanced diet. Our wellness hampers feature energy-rich dried fruits like dates and figs, wholesome nuts and seeds, including almonds and walnuts, as well as satisfying oat biscuits or granola bars, promoting sustained well-being.

Fresh fruits

Gift a considerate hamper that includes fresh fruits like crisp apples, zesty oranges, plump grapes, and juicy pears. These nutritious fruits with refreshing flavours make for a perfect get well gift for loved ones feeling under the weather.

Comfort foods

Offer healthy and comforting convenience through our wellness hamper’s essentials like easy-to-prepare soup packs and wholesome porridge mixes. These comfort foods deliver a delightful and nutritious way to cheer up a sick friend

Skincare and relaxation products

Spoil your loved one with a rejuvenating treat. Our hampers include not just food and beverages but also self-care items like scented candles, essential oils (lavender, eucalyptus), and hand creams, creating a holistic wellness experience. 

Floral arrangements

We also feature a fusion of fresh flowers, such as roses, lilies, sunflowers, and potted plants, delicately placed in the get well soon hamper. These flower arrangements can help boost one’s mood and bring the beauty and positivity of nature to your thoughtful gesture.


For nourishing wellness hampers, look no further than Floristique. Our hampers are meticulously crafted, combining healthful products with aesthetic elegance. This ensures they are not only a delight to receive but also a meaningful gift that nurtures both body and soul.


Arranging for get well hamper deliveries is simple and convenient. Just select your preferred hamper on our online catalogue, fill in the necessary details, and we'll take care of the rest.


We provide free standard delivery on all orders. For deliveries at specific times, an additional charge applies. With our wellness hamper delivery services across Singapore, you can rest assured that your expression of care is seamlessly conveyed, offering comfort and upliftment when it's most needed. Shop wellness hampers online in Singapore at Floristique today! 


Looking to cheer your loved ones up a little bit more? Check out our extensive range of flowers including get well soon bouquets, flower baskets and floral gift boxes that will surely bring a smile to your recipient’s faces.


For more information about our hampers, feel free to contact us via email wendy@floristique.sg or visit our FAQ page

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Get Well Soon Hampers

1. Are your wellness hampers suitable for dietary restrictions or allergies?

Our wellness hampers include only healthy products. However, we advise checking your chosen hamper’s items specific contents to ensure they align with your personal dietary restrictions. This includes checking for potential allergens, such as snacks that may contain peanuts. Additionally, if the wellness hamper you have your eyes on comes with decorative fresh flowers, you might want to ensure that your recipient is not allergic to flowers. For more tips on how to pick a suitable wellness hamper, check out our ultimate hamper buying guide.

2. Do you deliver get well soon hampers to hospitals or specific areas?

Yes! When you purchase get well soon hampers from Floristique, can deliver your hampers to any address in Singapore, including hospitals. While delivery services to the hospital can be availed, Floristique reserves the full rights to decline delivery to specific locations to ensure the safety of all parties. 

3. Can I include a personalised message in the wellness hamper?

Absolutely, you can include a personalised message in your chosen wellness hamper. We provide complimentary gift cards to accompany your thoughtful gift, allowing you to convey words of encouragement, support, or heartfelt sentiments to your loved ones during their recovery or wellness journey.

4. How long will the items in the get well soon hamper stay fresh?

The freshness of items in the get well soon hamper may vary. It's advisable to check individual item labels, including expiry dates, for accurate information. When it comes to the fruits included, refrigerating them is best to extend their freshness for up to two weeks. As for the decorative fresh flowers, they may typically last up to one week with proper care.

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