The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Flowers for Valentine's Day

| Wendy Han

Trying to find the right flowers to express yourself on Valentine's Day can be stressful. You must decide what flowers to choose, account for your partner's taste, find the right florist and coordinate delivery if you aren’t able to pick up the bouquet yourself. Planning your bouquet and the associated logistics in advance is the best way to ensure that your special day is stress free and meaningful. We’ve put together some tips on how to make your Valentine's Day bouquet selection a smooth process.


1. Plan ahead of time

When it comes to many life events, the motto ‘proper preparation prevents poor performance’ rings true and Valentine's Day is no different. There are a few things to plan; when the flowers are given, when you pick them up or have them delivered, the type of bouquet and much more. If you’re picking up your date to go out, or spending a nice evening at home together, it’s tradition to greet your date with a bouquet. If you are meeting out, you may want to offer the bouquet as a token at the end of the evening.

Alternatively, surprise your date by having flowers sent to their home or workplace. Valentine’s Day is often a busy period for florists, so ensure you’ve ordered your bouquet well in advance to avoid disappointment. 


2. Choose a bouquet that represents your relationship

Many people know that flowers have a language all of their own. You can use traditional flower meanings to construct a bouquet that represents your relationship. Together you can bond over the different meanings and explore your relationship. If you don’t want to use the language of flowers, choose pieces that have sentimental meaning or are preferred by your partner. If they love sunflowers, consider integrating them into the bouquet. Floristique’s Elena VD is one such option. This demonstrates that you notice what they like and care about them.


3. Go for classic red roses 

You can’t go wrong with classic red roses. Floristique’s Desire VD is one such option. These flowers are the symbol of love and affection and are sure to impress your partner. You can present red roses to your date in a bouquet, or consider gifting a box of a dozen. For an extra romantic touch, write a meaningful note or poem to accompany your bouquet that they can treasure for years to come. 


4. Personalise the bouquet

Don’t be afraid to get unconventional if you know your partner prefers different flowers and colours. Not everyone loves roses, and for those who aren’t a fan it can come across as generic. Choose a bouquet full of your partner’s favourite coloured flowers (even if their favourite colour’s black), or flowers that have a sentimental meaning for you as a couple. Also consider the size of the bouquet; if your partner doesn’t have any large vases, a large bouquet can be divided into smaller vessels that can fill the house. Make your Valentine’s Day bouquet a symbol of your affection for your partner.

5. Find an experienced florist 

Finding a florist who understands the significance of a gifted bouquet can improve your experience. The right florist will take the time and care to work with you and create a bouquet that conveys everything you want to say. When finding a florist, check they have a quality delivery service if you want your blooms delivered and import high quality fresh flowers. These will make your bouquet ordering experience go smoothly.


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