Here’s Why You Should Order Your Valentine’s Day Flowers Early

| Wendy Han

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Ah, Valentine’s Day. One of the most romantic days for couples, but also one of the busiest days for florists.


Simply because everyone wants to send flowers to their loved ones on Valentine's Day. 

Valentine’s Day is the period where many florists in Singapore are rushing out orders and dispatching them to their recipients. As one would expect, it’s very difficult to get a delivery slot and the freshest flowers in store on Valentine’s Day because many orders have already been placed in advance. 

If you have been on the lookout for some Valentine’s Day flowers, we strongly encourage you to take a look at our article to find out why you should order your flowers as early as possible. 


1. Book a Delivery Slot in Advance

 Valentines Day Flowers Delivery -Floristique SG

Valentine’s Day is such a busy day for florists with so many people excited to share their expressions of love with the ones that they care about by ordering flowers. 

As florists, we take our profession seriously and we love the fact that people are so excited about Valentine’s Day. Then again like many other florists, our delivery slots are packed to the brim. We want all our customers to receive their flowers on time, that’s why we always recommend for our customers to book their flowers and delivery slots in advance. 

That is why when you order your Valentine’s Day flowers early, you can be sure that your beautiful gift of flowers will be delivered on time to the person you care about.


2. Choose your Bouquet with Ease

When you order your Valentine’s Day flowers early, you will be able to select the type of bouquet that you desire to give to someone special with ease. 

This is because we will know ahead of time which flowers, we will need to make your lovely bouquet. This will ensure us plenty of time to order any floral supplies that we need. Otherwise, when bouquets are ordered at the last minute, we may not have access to the flowers and supplies that are needed to make your bouquet. 

We do not want any customer to be disappointed. That is why when you order your bouquet in advance, it will be ready on time and it will contain the exact kind of flowers that you desire.

 Choosing Valentines Day Flowers -Floristique SG


3. Gives your Florist more time to Customize your Bouquet

When you order your bouquet in advance, you are able to get a superior quality bouquet. 

This is because the florists will have more time to add customized details that will make your bouquet look more exquisite and beautiful. 

Therefore, you will be assured of ultra-satisfaction with your Valentine’s Day bouquet by ordering it in advance to make your celebration with the person that you care about extra special.

 Customizing Valentines Day Flowers -Floristique SG


4. Avoid Last Minute Panicking

 Happy Valentines Day Flowers - Floristique SG

What happens when you leave everything to the last minute only to find out that your preferred florists have neither free delivery slots nor fresh flowers available?

Sadly, you don’t get the chance to make the big romantic gesture. 

When you are careful to take the time to order your Valentine’s Day flowers in advance, you will be spared of panicking at the last minute. 

You can have the peace of mind that your flowers are already ordered and will be ready on time for your wonderful Valentine's Day celebration with the person that you truly love. 

Your bouquet will look well designed and distinctive, because the florist will have all the necessary flowers that you desire for your bouquet and will have adequate time to put it together.


Don’t wait! Order your Valentine’s Day flowers today. 

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