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If you have a special occasion around the corner and are scouring through the internet for the finest gifting options, don’t think twice about gifting a chocolate hamper! What makes a basket full of chocolates the best gift? Well, as one of the most refined pleasures in the world with immense versatility, chocolates have become a ‘can't-go-wrong’ gift option. Everyone loves a good slab of chocolate, don’t we? Taking things up a notch beyond the typical chocolate bar, chocolate baskets are exquisitely wrapped gift sets with the best sweet treats that will make any receiver feel more loved.


Chocolate hampers are not only apt for marking special dates like birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries and more, they also serve as ideal gifts for casual appreciation or simply one to flaunt your affection for your loved ones – any time, any day. Whatever your reason is, a chocolate hamper filled with decadent treats is guaranteed to instantly bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Moreover, as the ultimate symbol of attraction and affection, chocolates are a perennially popular way to show someone how much they mean to you. When we can’t get the words out of our mouths and convey our true emotions, chocolates can speak volumes!


Explore the diverse range of chocolate types available in our chocolate hampers and gift baskets at Floristique:

Luxury Dark Chocolate

Indulge in the rich and sophisticated taste of luxury dark chocolate, a centrepiece in our chocolate hampers and gift baskets.

Almond Milk Chocolate

Enjoy the creamy blend of almonds and milk chocolate, a delightful combination featured in our almond milk chocolate hampers and gift baskets.

Chocolate Sticks

Savour the unique and convenient treat of chocolate sticks, a popular choice in our chocolate hampers and gift baskets.

Chocolate Cookies

Delight in chocolate cookies' sweet and crumbly texture, an irresistible inclusion in our chocolate hampers and gift baskets.


Before you hit the mall, consider the convenience of purchasing chocolate hampers online with Floristique eliminating the need to spend hours in-store finding a gift. With just a click, explore our specially curated range of chocolate hampers in our one-stop online platform. These thoughtfully handpicked and wrapped gift baskets are sure to impress, featuring an assortment of delicious chocolates and treats like popcorn and red wine. Whether you are looking for a hamper filled with dark chocolates or a gift basket with fun elements like card games, we have them all! Double the delight by pairing your chocolate hampers with a bouquet and add a personal touch with a complimentary gift card.


Did we mention that we provide free same-day chocolate gift hamper delivery service for our customers in Singapore? Yes, you read that right! You can count on our delivery team to go above and beyond in ensuring that your chocolate gift hamper reaches the recipient timely. So, what are you waiting for? Leverage our free same-day chocolate hamper delivery services and send premium chocolate gift hamper baskets that make for perfect everyday gifting and special occasions.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Hampers

1. How to make a chocolate hamper?

When considering what to gift your loved ones, you can never go wrong with a chocolate hamper. The perfect gift for any occasion, they are filled to the brim with sweet treats, and they are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. A chocolate hamper by nature should let them enjoy their favourite snacks and instantly boost their moods. Rather than spending time shopping for all the treats to pack into a hamper, why not opt for a drool-worthy package from Floristique instead? Curated specially to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth, it’ll surely switch things up from the usual birthday gifts.

2. How to pick a suitable chocolate hamper?

When it comes to finding a suitable chocolate hamper to gift someone, there are a few things to take into consideration. For one, you’ll have to ensure that the one you have your eye on is ideal for the occasion at hand, the recipient, and your budget. After factoring in these various aspects, you can then search through the various types of chocolate hampers available on Floristique.

3. What goes well with chocolates as a gift?

At Floristique, we understand the appeal of gourmet hampers in Singapore. As such, our range of chocolate gift baskets not only boasts the best chocolates one could ask for but also additional add-ons like wine and savoury snacks. If you have already decided on a chocolate hamper, you can up the ante with everything from a floral bouquet bag to a premium bouquet.

4. How to make a chocolate hamper bouquet?

To make a chocolate hamper bouquet, arrange assorted chocolates in a basket or box, adding decorative elements like ribbons and tissue paper for a festive look. Alternatively, for a professionally curated selection, you can purchase beautifully crafted chocolate hamper bouquets from Floristique, offering convenience and variety. If you want something to pair with your chocolate hamper, you can choose from our birthday flowers, anniversary bouquets, or any other collection, or transform your bouquet into something more tempting with add-ons like chocolates and fruit baskets.

5. Where to buy chocolate hampers in Singapore?

If you are looking to gift a friend or loved one a chocolate hamper for their graduation or any other occasion, look no further than our florist team at Floristique. We offer an exquisite and aesthetically pleasing yet affordable selection of chocolate hampers and graduation bouquets for you to choose from. Shop online with us today and enjoy free delivery in Singapore!

6. How to arrange a chocolate hamper delivery?

When you shop for chocolate gift hamper baskets with Floristique, you do not have to worry about expensive delivery prices or pick up your order from our physical store! Offering free same-day delivery for chocolate hamper orders placed online before 2 pm on weekdays, and 11 am on Saturdays and Sundays, you can rest assured that affordable yet premium chocolate hampers are just a click away. For more information on our chocolate hamper delivery in Singapore, check out our FAQ page.

7. Are there personalisation options for chocolate hampers?

Yes, at Floristique, we offer personalisation options for chocolate hampers. You can add a special touch to your gift by including a personalised greeting message on a complimentary gift card. This service allows you to convey your sentiments and make the hamper more meaningful for the recipient.

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