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Ever wondered why the majority of the world’s most expensive perfumes have a flower-like scent? The reason is that there is no other fragrance better than the smell of fresh flowers. We have been enchanted with nature’s most exquisite gifts for a long time.

Studies have shown that flowers have the ability to improve one’s mood, reduce anxiousness, and mother nature’s finest gift have the ability to radiate much of positive energy to its surrounding. They also make great birthday presents! Roses, in particular, are one the most popular flowers today all over the world, even in Singapore. They are a symbol of everlasting love and eternal friendship. The enchanting rose has always been the go-to flower to impress a date or convey your heartfelt gratitude. Thus, a stunning bouquet of roses makes the loveliest gift to brighten up your loved one’s day. 

But where is the best place to buy fresh roses in Singapore? Why, Floristique, of course! With cheap and reasonable prices, we provide you with the most gorgeous and freshest roses in Singapore. Our flower qualities are guaranteed to be the best and most precious. We offer you a diverse choice of colourful crafted hand bouquets for you to choose and our handcrafted bouquets are filled with details that surely will help you brighten up someone’s day, whether on their birthdays, valentine’s day, graduation, and many other special days. Our roses are also available for delivery to all locations in Singapore.  

A bunch of red roses? Daisies? Tulips? Countless bouquets, gifts and more are waiting for you right around the corner. Together with Floristique, the top florist in Singapore, your orders delivered will also have a fresh out of the garden feel. Truly the most one of a kind and the best of the best. 

Since the beginning of time, flowers have smitten us with its beauty and enticing scents. Champagne roses have become such a romantic and lovely tradition to send someone flowers both during grief and joyful times. Because of its enticing beauty, flowers will bring you a piece of joy and perhaps it is the reason why we love them so much. Not only that, but they can also make the best home decoration. Having fresh roses around your workplace in Singapore can help increase your work motivation and help you to be more productive.


A Brief Guide to the Right Rose for Every Occasion

We offer a huge number of roses and bouquets on our website in Singapore. But which roses should you choose?

Here’s a quick guide by our team of experts:

Firstly, white roses represent innocence and elegance. They are best used as sympathy flowers for funerals in Singapore. These flowers are appropriate for funerals of all religions. Hence, if you are thinking of sending sympathy flowers, white roses are your best bet in Singapore.  

Otherwise, red roses are perfect for Valentine’s Day, proposals and also anniversaries. They convey deep adoration and admiration for the recipient. We have various bouquets available on our website in Singapore. 

Next, our website offers purple roses in Singapore for men and women to convey deep attraction to a loved one. Similarly, our range of pink roses in Singapore conveys similar attraction, admiration and appreciation to a loved one. They make excellent gifts for a life companion on special occasions like anniversaries.

Furthermore, we provide champagne and pale pink roses. They exhibit gentleness and grace. Buy a bouquet of them for mother’s day from our website in Singapore!

In addition, we also offer blue roses in Singapore. These roses are often used in literature to symbolize immortality, wealth and deep love. Today, they are a symbol of everlasting love and wisdom. You could gift a bouquet of blue roses to your loved one in Singapore to express your deep admiration for their intelligence and inner strength. 

Finally, we offer unique rainbow roses in Singapore – these flowers make quirky and exquisite gifts to recipients who love flamboyant and loud colours. Simply gift a bouquet of rainbow roses from our website to brighten up one’s day in Singapore.  


Learn more about Floristique

Besides offering quality and cheap prices, why choose our roses out of all the florists in Singapore?

Ever since its launch, Floristique has crafted many handmade flower bouquets especially our unique rose bouquets in Singapore with the best and most fresh flowers. Our collection of flower bouquets is perfect for any occasion. When you are in a dilemma to select a present for your special one, our special flower bouquet is the best thing for you. You can get it now on our 
website. Our service is made even better for we guarantee that your orders will arrive at your door in no time with our same day delivery service so there is no reason not to flower up. Come, visit our website and order the freshest flowers today!

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