My Little Humble Story
From Finance to Florist

By Nidhi J

Not a day goes by in Singapore that Instagram is not flooded with photos of flowers and blossoms that are understated and impressive. The love for flowers is timeless and has never waned, though tastes have changed. Today roses by the dozen and baby’s breath are not the only options for someone who wants to buy his loved one a bouquet. With some inspired local women like Wendy at the forefront, floral design is seeing a new surge of creativity that is immensely photogenic and Instagram-friendly. Many of these entrepreneurs have switched over from more lucrative or traditional careers, and followed their passion to develop their fragrant skills.

The world of banking and finance may not be entirely cut and dried, but you’ll rarely find flowers in it. Maybe on special occasions someone sends a banker a bouquet for her office desk. For a while, the gift from a client, friend or secret admirer brightens up the office with the glory of seasonal blooms.

Wendy worked in this world of banking and finance for years before she became an entrepreneur. And she always had a love for flowers. As a child, she would press flowers she’d picked up between pages of newspapers and books. Though she was good at her well-paying job in the lucrative business and finance market, her passion for flowers remained with her and went on to transform her career. In October 2017, she would go on to found Floristique Singapore at the Katong Shopping Centre.


The Journey 

Flower arranging is not an art that you have to reserve for special occasions. Wendy knew this by instinct. For as long as she could remember, she had been drawn to the art of putting together flowers, foliage, ribbons and other accessories with an eye for design and colour. Whether it meant a few flowers for a kitchen table or a bouquet for a friend’s birthday, she put just as much love and care into her creations.

For years before she founded her own online flower boutique in Singapore, she was tying up lovely floral arrangements for people she knew. Her creations graced weddings and the recipients were lavish with praises. Her eye for the beauty in flowers was well-known among people who had received one of her bouquets.

But she also had that enterprising spirit of today’s young entrepreneurs. She was ready to turn her back on the lucrative finance industry and put everything into her passion. Wouldn’t it be great to have a job you loved?

She quit her job in finance and threw herself into the study of floral arrangements to hone her skills further. She attended courses and also studied intensively on her own. Running an online delivery service comes with its own challenges. Flowers are delicate. They are vulnerable to the weather and are easily damaged during delivery if proper care is not taken. Wendy learned how to smooth out the bottlenecks that come with a flower delivery service.


Exotic bouquets with wholesome prices

The prices at Floristique are impressive as well. Wendy was aware that every girl would like to receive a personalized bouquet on special occasions. But most florists offering exotic and personalized floral designs attach heavy price tags to their products.

During her market surveys, Wendy Han found the nicer and more photogenic a bouquet, the more expensive it was. One of the spurs that drove her in her business efforts was her desire to offer unique, artfully designed flower arrangements at affordable prices. She made efforts to change the idea that exquisite flower bouquets must have exquisite prices.

As a result, her studio offers flowers at a variety of price ranges. If customers want a simple and classic (but by no means common) cotton flower bouquet of cobalt blue and white or a bouquet of ocean blue roses and foliage in the summer, they can find one for sub-$70. Prices of the readymade bouquets at the e-commerce store range from sub-$50 to sub-$130. Unlike many Singapore flower shops where prices are prohibitive and tasteful design comes at a premium, the prices at Floristique are designed keeping the customer in mind.


Customized for everyone

At Floristique, customers are not limited to a stock seasonal flowers. She brings her proven aesthetics and the customer’s tastes together to create beautiful, exclusive bouquets that have drawn repeat customers since the inception of her business. If customers have any arrangement in mind or a photo reference, she tries her best to replicate the idea.catalogue. Wendy tries to give her customers exactly what they want in a bouquet. While her business is carried out online, she welcomes customers to her studio, to discuss their ideas and specifications with her. She invites customers to choose any of their favourite

Floristique’s unique personalized e-commerce business has made it possible for Singaporeans to send flowers to their loved ones for special occasions. Those who are overseas can also send their local loved ones their warm wishes and love in the form of a beautiful bouquet of the recipient’s favourite flowers. Even customers who don’t personally visit Wendy Han’s store to discuss their order receive personalized attention. The florist personally contacts nearly every customer for a warm experience.


Additional loving touches

Customers of Floristique can also request additional gifts to be sent with bouquets, such as fruit baskets, chocolates, soft toys, cakes and other charming items. Wendy’s personal attention goes into every single bouquet that is sent out to customers. She pays close attention to the flowers that arrive from the nursery, to ensure their quality. She takes urgent orders as well, so every customer is able to deliver their thoughts and feelings to recipients in time.

Wendy’s Floristique caters to all occasions: from Christmas Day flowers to birthday blooms, from wishes for the arrival of a newborn to an anniversary, from cultural festivals to get well soon wishes.

In a city that is fast becoming an icon of sustainability in this part of the world, Wendy’s successful enterprise and inspiring move from finance to flowers is a reminder that nature’s beauty is still held in high regard in the modern world.

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