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One of the most beautiful feelings in the world is becoming a new mum and dad. And every couple understands the true joy when they become parents — whether new or the second time around. As a friend or family member, you should share the joy with the parents and make sure that they truly enjoy the bliss of parenthood. One way to express your joy is to give them a thoughtful gift! And to take things up a notch from the standard rattle toy, nothing beats a newborn baby hamper. Whether you are planning to head to the hospital with a gift in hand or attending a baby shower, baby hampers make great gifts. Filled with a range of items from plush toys and towels to baby care products and even gifts for the new mum, you’ll be able to find hamper baskets of all shapes and sizes.

Understanding the challenges of finding the best gift for new parents that will double as the ultimate gift set for the little one as well, here at Floristique, we offer a full range of baby hampers at affordable prices and islandwide delivery services in Singapore. No address is too far for us! We will ensure your baby hamper order gets sent promptly even for same-day orders.



If the newborn baby is a boy, then you should buy baby hampers meant for boys. Typically, they come with gifts that shine bright in a blue hue. Our affordable baby gift hampers contain a number of things like baby clothes, baby milk bottles, soft toys, wash clothes, mittens, and baby toys. But that’s not all! Some of Floristique’s baby hampers also come paired with a helium balloon that you can personalise with the name of the baby boy!



On the contrary, if you know that your friend has given birth to a baby girl, you should buy a hamper specially created for baby girls! Our hampers for girls contain pink items that suit the personality of a young girl along with cute plush toys that the little one can find comfort in as she grows.



As much as celebrating the birth of a child inevitably revolves around the bundle of joy, getting something curated with intent and care, especially for the new mum, will also convey your heartwarming congratulations with ease. Beyond our selection of Floristique baby hampers that celebrate the arrival of the newborn baby, we also have practical gift hampers for the new mummy that are filled with health-boosting items like Bird’s Nest with Ginseng and Rock Sugar.



If you are considering giving your friend a baby shower hamper, look no further than Floristique. With our one-stop online platform, it is pretty simple and easy to shop and order baby hampers online and get them delivered to your friend’s home. You would not have to visit any store personally to buy them and take them with you. When you buy it at Floristique, you also have the option to add a personalised message which you can write to make your friend feel special. Leverage our baby hamper same-day delivery services and have your baby hamper delivered to any residential address in Singapore. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Hampers

How to make a baby hamper?

The arrival of a new baby is a miracle and deserves all the gifts and a wonderful celebration. Newborn baby gift hampers are one of the most popular choices for this joyous occasion and require several useful baby items to be included. Rather than spending time shopping for toys, blankets, and other essentials, why not opt for a fabulous baby hamper from Floristique instead? Curated specially for congratulating new parents on their little bundle of joy, you can never go wrong with them.

What to send to a friend who just had a baby?

If you are trying to figure out the perfect gift for a friend who just had a baby, you can go beyond the normal gifts like blankets and diapers and go for one that keeps on giving — baby hampers. Designed to help you welcome the newborn baby into your friends’ lives and convey your congratulations, baby hampers that are filled to the brim with all the essentials are worth considering. 

What to put in a baby hamper?

Baby hampers are meant to be useful, practical, fun and thoughtful. From blankets to special treats for mum, they can be filled with memorable gifts that will be treasured for the years to come. At Floristique, we have a range of baby hampers. For example, the Demure Celebration BHP that is filled to the brim with Fomec Berry Essence is perfect for new parents. For something a little more extravagant, pair it with a newborn baby flower bouquet to fill the new parent’s heart with happiness.

How to pick a baby hamper to gift?

You’ll first have to decide if the baby hamper is meant for the little one or the new parents. If it’s solely for the baby boy or baby girl, go for hampers that are filled with baby essentials. Consider the Feed Him Well BHP or the Foodie Goodie BHP which is packed with items like a baby romper, bib, baby wipes, spoons, and suction plate.

Where to buy baby hampers in Singapore?

If you’re scouring high and low for a baby hamper in Singapore, Floristique's florists are here to help! Take a pick from our extensive collection that features a wide range of gifts and baby essentials. For something a little more extravagant and personalised, opt for our selection of baby hampers that come with customisable helium balloons. Cart out and leverage our islandwide delivery service today!

How to arrange a baby hamper delivery?

When you shop for baby hampers with Floristique, you do not have to worry about expensive delivery costs or picking up your order from our brick-and-mortar store! Offering free same-day delivery, simply place your baby hamper orders online before 2pm on weekdays, and 11am on Saturdays and Sundays. 

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