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Thinking of putting together an irresistible gourmet hamper for a friend or relative? Of course, there’s a lot of effort - and love - invested in a handmade hamper. You’d want to prepare one on your own with the best snacks your loved one will enjoy. However, sometimes, setting aside time for this can be challenging.
Fret not! Floristique provides a humble collection of gourmet hampers you can find in Singapore, packed with nothing short of deliciousness! There’s no need to go store after store to find the snacks you need - you can trust our selection to find what you need!



If you’re thinking of getting a gift for a loved one, we reckon a scrumptious gourmet gift basket will do the trick. 
Here’s why:
1.It’s tough to say no to snacks!
2.Food restrictions aside, it’s practical as you’d know your loved one will eat them, or share them with the family or even colleagues at work
3.It’s affordable.
4.With Floristique, you get to enjoy free islandwide delivery!



    We work with some of the best food brands in the market to prepare our gourmet baskets. The range of snacks you’d find in our hampers includes Oreo, Glico Pocky, Meiji Hello Panda, Jacob’s Weetameal, Ritz Wafer Rolls and a whole lot more! 
    As we are available 24/7, you can make your purchase any time and opt for same-day delivery to send the gourmet hamper to your intended recipient in Singapore
    Simply make your pick and check out from our online store. If you’d like to discuss customisation requests, you can get in touch with us! 
    And while you’re at it, how about a sunflower bouquet to add more cheerfulness to the gift?
    For more information about our gourmet hampers in Singapore, please visit our FAQ page.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to do hamper wrapping?

    Hampers are the perfect gift for any occasion. Known as the gift that keeps giving, it is the answer to all your gifting predicaments - that is if you wrap them properly. Containing multiple elements, the final step of wrapping them up needs to be done properly so that the hamper is kept together. At Floristique, worrying about cellophane wraps and ribbons will never be an issue. All our gourmet hampers are packaged beautifully for convenient gifting and are ready to go upon purchase. 

    How to decorate a hamper?

    Be it a personal note or a large bow to wrap the entire hamper up, there are many ways to decorate a hamper. At Floristique, our gourmet hampers come in weaved baskets and charming boxes. Besides the complimentary gift card that you can craft personalised messages on, options like the Kieran and Beau are paired with helium balloons. 

    Where to buy gourmet hampers in Singapore?

    If you are looking to buy thoughtful and affordable gourmet gift hampers in Singapore, our florists have got you covered. Take your pick from our range of beautiful hamper baskets online which are ideal for all occasions. Whether it's for a loved one’s birthday or an anniversary, these gourmet hampers are versatile, making them great gifts for any event. Cart out and enjoy fast delivery islandwide! 

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