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Flowers and balloons are classic and joyful elements that enhance any celebration. The elegance of flowers combined with the whimsy of balloons, especially hot air balloon flower arrangements, creates a delightful visual experience. For example, a transparent balloon with flowers in a box or a balloon flower bouquet adds a unique and memorable touch to any event, making them popular choices for adding festivity and colour.


Flowers and hot air balloons make for a spectacular combination, perfect for adding a touch of elegance and excitement to various special occasions.


Brighten up a birthday celebration with a lively mix of flowers and balloons. The combination adds a touch of joy and colour, making the day even more special.


Celebrate academic achievements and convey your congratulations to the graduate with a delivery of a flower balloon bouquet. This pairing symbolises the brightness of future endeavours and honours the graduate's hard work.


Anniversaries can be made more romantic with elegant flowers and charming balloons, symbolising the love and journey of the couple. Send your congratulations with our same-day delivery service, making the celebration even more memorable and heartfelt.


Mark the milestone of retirement with flowers and balloons, reflecting the joy of new beginnings and honouring past achievements.


Enhance the festive spirit of Christmas with themed flowers and balloons, adding a warm and cheerful ambience to holiday celebrations.

Shop Opening

For shop openings, flowers and balloons create an inviting and celebratory atmosphere, attracting attention and marking a new business venture.


At Floristique, we specialise in crafting the perfect combination of flowers and balloons to suit any occasion. Our online selection of flowers and balloons in Singapore offers a diverse array of options, allowing customers to find the ideal match for their specific needs.


We provide a wide range of combinations, ensuring that you can select the perfect bouquet of flowers with balloons for your event. Whether it's a vibrant mix for a birthday or a sophisticated arrangement for an anniversary, our combinations are designed to impress.


Adding a personal touch, we also offer the option to customise your balloon as per the occasion and add the recipient’s name to it. This feature allows you to convey your sentiments directly, making the flower balloon bouquet even more special and tailored to the recipient.


Moreover, we provide the option to include a gift card with a personalised message with your flower and balloon bouquet. This addition enhances the overall gift experience, allowing you to express your thoughts and wishes meaningfully.


At Floristique, we take pride in offering same-day delivery for our flower and balloon bouquets throughout Singapore. Understanding the need for timely and efficient delivery, we ensure that your balloon and flower bouquet reaches its destination with speed and care.


Our flower and balloon delivery service in Singapore service is designed for those last-minute surprises or planned celebrations, ensuring that your thoughtful gesture of a balloon and flower bouquet arrives on the same day. This service is perfect for a range of occasions, whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or just to show someone you care.


With Floristique's same-day delivery, sending flowers and balloons is just a click away, so get ready to brighten someone's day instantly.

Frequently Asked Questions About Flowers and Balloons

1. How to make a balloon flower bouquet with one balloon?

Planning a surprise birthday or celebrating your friend’s graduation can be challenging, let alone finding the perfect gift. Balloon flowers are the ideal gift to put a smile on your recipient’s face - that is if you pull the DIY project off successfully. At Floristique, worrying about florals and balloons will never be an issue. All our balloon flowers are packaged beautifully by our florists in Singapore for convenient gifting and are ready to be delivered upon purchase. 

2. Where to buy balloon flowers in Singapore?

If you are looking to buy a creative and customisable balloon and flower pairing in Singapore, Floristique has got you covered. Take your pick from our range of balloon flower packages online which are ideal for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a birthday flower bouquet or a graduation bouquet, these balloon and flower pairings are versatile, making them great gifts for anyone. Cart out and enjoy fast delivery islandwide! 

3. Is free delivery available if I order balloon flowers?

Standard islandwide delivery is completely free for all Floristique orders! Whether you pair your balloon flowers with a chocolate hamper or other bouquets, we will have them delivered to any local address. If you wish to have your balloon flower bouquets delivered at a specific time, we do have a $25 surcharge for this service. Find out more in our FAQs.

4. Can I customise the balloons in my flower balloon bouquet?

Yes, you can fully customise the balloons in your flower balloon bouquet. You have the flexibility to choose the occasion, add a name on the balloon, and include a gift card with a personalised message, making your gift unique and tailored to the recipient's preferences.

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