Ultimate Guide to Gifting Flowers for Men

| Wendy Han


The tradition of gifting flowers, long perceived as a gesture primarily towards women, has seen a refreshing shift. Today, the trend of presenting flowers to men is gaining momentum, especially since more of them admit to loving the gesture.

This change reflects a modern attitude towards gifting, where flowers for men are celebrated as an equally thoughtful and meaningful token of affection, respect, or congratulations. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or achievements, flowers are becoming a popular choice for expressing sentiments to the guys in our lives, showcasing the versatility and universal appeal of floral gifts. 

If you’re thinking of the perfect gift for a guy, this article will show you how to select the perfect flowers while considering aesthetics, symbolism, and personal preferences.

1. Choosing Flowers for Guys Based on Personality

Men generally prefer flowers that are not only visually striking but also carry meaningful symbolism. Whether it's the strength and elegance of an orchid or the cheerful disposition of a sunflower, the key is to match the flower with the recipient's personality — from the deeply romantic to the appreciatively pragmatic or the avid nature lover.

Here are some popular flower choices that resonate well with men, alongside insights into general preferences based on personality types:


Often associated with love and passion, rose flowers can also symbolise admiration and respect, making them a versatile choice for men. Deep red roses are perfect for the romantic man, while white or yellow roses can suit a pragmatic individual who appreciates their classic beauty without the romantic connotations.


Orchids are admired for their exotic appearance and long-lasting nature, symbolising strength, luxury, and sophisticated taste. Ideal for men who appreciate the finer things in life, these flowers are also perfect for nature lovers who enjoy unique and intricate natural forms.


Bright and cheerful, sunflowers convey warmth, positivity, and admiration. They are an excellent choice for guys who have a sunny disposition or who appreciate bold and vibrant flower aesthetics.

2. Gifting Flowers for Him Based on the Occasion 

Choosing the right flowers for men can also be influenced by the occasion, with each type of event calling for a specific mood or message to be conveyed through the blooms. Here are some suggestions for flower types and arrangements that are suitable for various special moments in a guy’s life:

  • Birthdays: Opt for bright and vibrant flowers like sunflowers or gerberas to reflect the joyous celebration of another year. These blooms bring a burst of energy and happiness, perfect for marking the occasion with positivity.
  • Anniversaries: Roses are a classic choice for anniversaries, symbolising love and deep affection. For a more modern take, consider purple orchids, which convey admiration and respect. This way, you can add a touch of elegance and significance to your wedding anniversary flowers.
  • Promotions or Professional Achievements: For professional milestones, choose sophisticated and understated arrangements. Lily flowers or irises can symbolise success and appreciation, representing growth and perseverance.
  • Father’s Day: A mix of native wildflowers or a robust plant like a succulent can be a thoughtful choice, symbolising strength and resilience. Besides, these options offer a less traditional but equally meaningful way to express gratitude and admiration.

3. Personalising Your Flower Gift for Him

Adding a personal touch to your flower gift can transform it from a beautiful gesture into a deeply meaningful token of your affection and thoughtfulness. Here are some ways to personalise flowers for men, ensuring the gift resonates with the guy’s unique personality and preferences:

  • Incorporate His Favourite Colours: Whether he loves the calming shades of blue or the vibrant hues of red, customising the flower arrangement to include his favourite colours makes the gift significantly more personal and appreciated.
  • Reflect His Hobbies or Interests: Tailoring the flower selection or arrangement to echo his hobbies or interests can add a layer of thoughtfulness. For example, a nature lover might appreciate an arrangement that includes wildflowers or rustic elements, while an art enthusiast might enjoy a creatively composed bouquet with a mix of textures and colours.
  • Add Personalised Notes or Accessories: Including a handwritten note expressing your sentiments or an accessory that complements his style (like a stylish vase) can enhance the personal value of the gift.

4. Making the Most Out of Your Gift

Presenting flowers to men can be a memorable experience with the right approach. Here are some practical tips to ensure your floral gift makes a lasting impression:

  • Timing Matters: Choose a moment when he least expects it for a delightful surprise. A spontaneous flower delivery to his workplace or home can turn an ordinary day into a special one.
  • Consider the Presentation: Opt for sleek, minimalist packaging or a stylish vase that matches his taste, making the flowers not just a gift but a piece of decor he'd be proud to display.
  • Add an Element of Surprise: If possible, accompany the flowers with a surprise visit or plan an unexpected outing to create a memorable experience around your gift.

5. Redefining Gifting Standards with Flowers for Men

The notion of gifting flowers to men is challenging long-standing cultural norms and misconceptions, paving the way for a more inclusive approach to expressing emotions through floral gifts. By embracing flowers as a universal gift, you’re making a move away from outdated norms and towards valuing emotional expression and personal connection. 

Besides, there are various ways to showcase the versatility of flowers, ensuring that men can also appreciate their beauty and sentiment. For example, bold, structured arrangements can represent resilience and strength, while subtle and elegant blooms can symbolise respect and admiration. 

Indeed, flowers for men stand out as a powerful testament to the shifting standards of gifting.

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