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Why Choose Floristique As Your Local Florist In Singapore

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Free Delivery

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Customer Care

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Our Promise

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We’re the florist in Singapore you can trust

Our love for flowers makes us the best florist to rely on for beautiful and thoughtful bouquets. Founded by Wendy Han who turned her artistic flair for flower arrangement into a local Singaporean brand you can depend on, Floristique lets you explore expressions through the beauty of flowers. Each bouquet lets you convey a message you may find tough to express in words, from a congratulatory bouquet for one’s graduation to romantic blossoms as a proclamation of your love to a significant other.

Revel in a blossoming collection of blooms

Be charmed by our colossal collection of flowers! Express your never-ending love to your parents with baby’s breath flowers or go for lively sunflowers to add a pop of joy to your humble abode. Love birds have an assorted collection of rose bouquets to select from — red for undying romance, yellow for a blossoming couple friendship, or white for affable innocence on a first date.

Simply browse online, place your order and have your flowers delivered to you, fresh! If you’re in need of urgent or same day delivery, order online and we’ll have the freshest stalks delivered to you wherever you are in Singapore. Alternatively, drop us a call and we’ll help you through.

Your Go-To Florist in Singapore

About Us

Floristique was born from two trains of thought: our love for flowers and our desire to bring happiness to our customers as their go-to florist.

Boasting an enormous catalogue of fresh flowers, we are the top florist in Singapore for fresh blooms and bouquets at every price point. Our daily orders are even capped to ensure we have enough time and resources to dedicate to each new order that comes in. Our flower and bouquet photos are also taken with an iPhone camera to let you see what your actual delivery will look like. Rest assured that our team of florists will always go the extra mile for you so that your recipient gets the beautiful flower bouquet they deserve.

In addition to fresh flowers at cheap prices, product add-ons such as fairy lights & bouquet bags are not incorporated into the prices of the bouquets as we believe this gives our customers greater options within their given budget.

Bringing Singapore Happiness with Free Fresh Flower Delivery


When our founder Wendy first started working for Floristique full-time, one of her greatest concerns was getting flowers delivered to the recipients in time for the sender to convey his or her feelings. She knew that our delivery service had to cover the whole of Singapore while remaining cheap and reliable.


Despite the competitive Singaporean florist scene, we have always strived to provide the best fresh flower delivery service possible while keeping our prices affordable and accessible for everyone. Because of that, we can now offer affordable $29.90 floral bouquet bags as well as free fresh flower delivery services islandwide!


While plenty of other florists offer same-day flower deliveries, there aren’t many who can do same-day fresh flower deliveries and there are even fewer who can do so at an affordable rate. It’s safe to say that Floristique has remained one of the best florists in Singapore for good-quality fresh flower deliveries that won’t put a strain on your wallet.

How To Arrange Online Flower Delivery in Singapore


These are the time slots available for flower delivery in Singapore:

10am - 2pm, 2pm - 6pm

Weekends & public holidays


Although delivery is free, there will be extra charges if you opt for specific timing for your order. Do take note that in order to qualify for same-day free delivery in Singapore, your orders will have to be placed before 2pm. For urgent orders, kindly contact our Floristique team @ 69044046, as our florists will have to make special arrangements.


After placing your order online, do make sure the recipient will be present at the designated venue during the time of delivery, as there will be extra charges for re-delivery. For more information, you can always contact our florists at 69044046 or visit our FAQ page.

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Google Reviews

We are always open to receiving Reviews from our customers - let us know how we've done and how we can improve! Drop us an honest review here.

Thank you for the large and beautiful bouquet ! We are very happy and surprised with its size and the colour combination is perfect 😍the custom ordered corsage is just as lovely. the team of florists are very talented and skilful. Definitely a recommended florist for its fresh bouquet and swift service.

This was my first time engaging Floristique service and I must say there will be many more to come! U know a floristry is good when they manage to fulfill what they promised even during their busiest period of the year: Valentine's Day.I chose them because their delivery slot is 10am to 4pm which works out well as my wife knocks off at 4pm. It is the only co. that offer this delivery time slot as I see most of them is before 6/7pm. I admit I was skeptical about their promise but they honoured it. The flowers were delivered before 4pm. They also answered my queries on the delivery status which many floristry tend to ignore during Valentine's Day itself.My wife also commented that she loved the flower arrangement this year and it also came with a thoughtful paper bag which makes it easier to transport around.Thank you Floristique for delivering on time and the awesome bouquet! I really appreciate it.

Ordered twice from Floristique and was very happy with their flowers! Ordering from their website was a breeze, and delivery is on time. Thank you for making these wonderful moments possible!

Ordered from Floristique probably 4 to 5 times in the past few months.. each time the arrangement is fabulous and the service is impeccable.. very responsive and always pleasant on whatsapp. What's more, they offer free delivery in Singapore.. definitely should check out.. if you want an affordable and trusty florist that always produces fabulous bouquets that always delight and arrive on time.. without fail!!

Beautiful flowers and delivery was on time for the Valentine’s Day flowers to my gf! She loves the flowers so much! Thanks for choosing a cute font for my Vday message on the card too!

I ordered a bouquet for my daughter's graduation with Floristique. I made some minor request for the bouquet. There was no issue in any correspondence with them through WhatsApp. All queries were answered promptly. It was a pleasant experience working with them. The flowers were delivered on time and was exactly as i requested. It was a beautiful arrangement. Will definitely recommend this florist for those who is looking for a florist who is committed, friendly and creative. Thanks for the lovely floral arrangement.

I chanced upon Floristique online and i had the best flower shopping experience ever! They were professional and sincere with their advices and the mix of flowers were impeccable! They were really accommodating and trustworthy!
They surprised me with an absolutely stunning bouquet!
Im definitely coming back for more!!! 😍😍😍

Response from Floristique is really quick, and they were cool to my requests such as changing of the wrapper Color and sharing a photo of the bouquet before it’s delivered. Free delivery and affordable price are definitely plus points too !

I reside in Atlanta, USA. The first time I ordered was online a year ago for my Mum, who lives in Singapore. From the get go, the team was amazing. When the delivery details I gave was unclear, they immediately WhatsApp’d me for clarification. WOW!!! The team were certainly on the ball and very helpful.
The bouquets were intimately GLORIOUS on arrival. Every delivery to my family and friends were received with absolute joy and bliss! My heart is truly warmed for this team. I am grateful for their love and dedication to the task and here’s why……. When one orders online from overseas for the first time without knowing the company, it is quite normal to fret and wonder if the company is legit and whether the delivery will even happen!!! After this experience, every order was done with absolute confidence and in peace!!! Two days ago, I goofed up and messed up my order (again). Wendy immediately emailed me about it and sorted it out!!! What a relief!! What I truly appreciate is that Wendy and her team understands the heart and soul of their service as well as their clients’. Thank you so much!!! Blessings for a wonderful year ahead!


Just ordered my first bouquet of flowers from Floristique for my friend's graduation. I would like to share that I am very satisfied with the freshly delivered and beautifully arranged flowers. 💐 I especially love the fairy lights add-on! It is very unique and adds a special touch to the colourful flowers, which was what made Floristique stood out to me initially. After ordering my flower, I had some doubts so I WhatsApp-ed the store. To my surprise, they replied almost immediately and answered my queries clearly. I am very impressed with the prompt and patient replies from the store. They also attended to my request of wanting to make amendments to my order and always remained friendly when replying to me. The delivery driver was also very kind to call me before arriving as I stated to do so in the "special request" column. Overall, I truly recommend Floristique to everyone as it is evidently a customer-centric store, which is a key quality that I look for. They placed the customer's needs and request as the top priority and delivered what they promised to do. The flowers I received was also very similar to the one shown on the website - gorgeously arranged and fresh. Floristique is definitely my go-to flower store when I need to order flowers now. I will surely purchase from them again as I had a very pleasant experience. A huge thank you to the Floristique team for being so awesome! 😊 Great customer service and amazing flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Floristique?

What makes Floristique special is our quick delivery service as well as our extensive fresh flower range! Whether you’re looking for delicatepeoniesas a gift on a first date orwedding carnationsfor your big day, Floristique will prepare the best floral arrangement for any type of occasion and have it delivered to you anywhere in Singapore on the same day. Browse our flower bouquets online or call us for customisation requests.

How do I choose a good florist?

When it comes to selecting a good florist in Singapore, you want to ensure that they can provide customised recommendations on the type of bouquets that will compliment your special occasion while adhering to your price range. It is also essential that your florist is able to provide fast flower delivery to your designated location on your preferred day and time.

How do I maintain the freshness of my bouquet for as long as possible?

Retaining your bouquet’s freshness is easily done with these5 simple post-delivery flower care tips. You can also preserve your flowers once they start to wilt by using our handyflower preservation guide!

How do I choose the perfect bouquet for different occasions?


Sunflowers and Carnations are great celebratory bouquets due to their gorgeous blooms and colours. Add a balloon, plushie or their favourite chocolate bars into the bouquet for a great touch!


Make your anniversary memorable with a beautifully curated bouquet to show your love. Roseshydrangeas or peonies are great selections for grand romantic gestures as they come with dainty yet passionate colours that symbolise strong passion.

Get well soon

Buying a bouquet for a loved one or a friend that has fallen ill? Enliven their day with bright coloured blooms! SunflowersTulips and Carnations are excellent choices due to their variety of cheerful shades and hues bound to brighten someone’s day.


Celebrate your loved one’s special day with unique blooms! Hydrangea, multi-coloured Baby Breaths or even dried bouquets such as our Everlast, which is specially curated with a mix of Gossypium and dried Lavender, are impressive flowers bound to impress. Looking for more options? Check out our range of bouquets available for any occasion!

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