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Floristique: The Best Online Florist in Singapore

We’re the florist in Singapore you can trust

Our love for flowers makes us the best florist to rely on for beautiful and thoughtful bouquets. Founded by Wendy Han who turned her artistic flair for flower arrangement into a local brand you can depend on, Floristique lets you explore expressions through the beauty of flowers. Each bouquet lets you convey a message you may find tough to express in words, from a congratulatory bunch for one’s graduation to romantic blossoms as a proclamation of your love to a significant other.

Revel in a blossoming collection of blooms

Be charmed by our colossal collection of flowers! Express your never-ending love to your parents with baby’s breath flowers or go for lively sunflowers to add a pop of joy to your humble abode. Love birds have an assorted collection of rose bouquets to select from — red for undying romance, yellow for a blossoming couple friendship, white for affable innocence on a first date. We’ll have what you need — browse online, place your order and have your flowers delivered to you, fresh! If you’re in need of urgent or same day delivery, order online and we’ll have the freshest stalks delivered to you wherever you are in Singapore. Alternatively, drop us a call and we’ll help you through.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is special about Floristique?

What makes Floristique special is its quick delivery of fresh flowers, that too of an extensive range! Whether you’re looking for roses as a gift on a first date or wedding carnation flowers for your big day, Floristique will prepare the best floral arrangement for any type of occasion and have it delivered to you anywhere in Singapore on the same day. Browse our flower bouquets online or call us for customisation requests.

Who is Wendy Han?

Wendy Han is a Singaporean entrepreneur who founded Floristique as an online florist shop, specialising in flower bouquets for various occasions. Once a practitioner in the banking and finance sector, Wendy made the switch to turn her childhood love for flowers and craft for aesthetic arrangements into a full-time passionate entrepreneurial pursuit.

Is Floristique the most famous florist in Singapore?

We have had many opportunities to be featured in the local media, taking our brand name to greater heights. As the most famous florist in Singapore, Floristique has been able to expand its clientele, from individual customers to corporate stakeholders.

How fast can Floristique deliver flowers in Singapore?

For quick and free flower delivery across Singapore, you can trust Floristique. We provide same-day delivery for orders made before 2pm on weekdays, 11am on weekends. We are closed for same-day delivery on public holidays. Our delivery time slots are between 10am to 2pm & 2pm to 6pm on weekdays, 12pm-6pm on weekends & public holidays. For urgent orders, reach out to us @ +65 8031 9620 and we’ll help bring the freshest stalks to you!

What is the most popular flower in Singapore?

There are many flowers popular among Singaporeans today. They include:

1. Lilies
2. Roses
3. Peonies
4. Carnations
5. Sunflowers

As a leading florist in Singapore, we're pleased to offer fresh bouquets of these popular flowers and more! Simply browse our website and make your pick.

About Us

About Us

Where is the best place to order flowers online in Singapore?

Why, Floristique, of course
Does this florist deliver to any part of Singapore?
Yes! Floristique offers free flower and hampers delivery to all parts of Singapore!

Floristique - The go-to online florist who delivers

Floristique was born from two trains of thought: our love for flowers and to bring happiness to our customers by delivering fresh flowers to them from their loved ones as your go-to florist. It might be a competitive industry, but we have managed to keep the integrity of our brand intact by providing the best delivery service in Singapore affordable price for the general public.

Our love for flowers

Our story is one for the romantics. Wendy, the founder of Floristique, used to be a white-collar worker in Singapore’s world of banking and finance before she became an online florist. The corporate world might be cutthroat, where employees can be let go for not delivering results, but it is lucrative. However, as Wendy began to revisit the joyful memories from her childhood, she would remember fondly the times she collected flowers and pressed them in between the pages of her books. Little did she know, she was still enamoured with the thought of becoming a florist.

Bringing Singapore happiness with a 24/7 flower delivery

When Wendy first started working for Floristique full-time, one of her greatest concerns was getting flowers delivered to the recipients in time for the sender to convey his or her feelings. She knew that the delivery service she provided at Floristique had to cover the whole of Singapore, and had to be cheap and reliable. She worked hard to get over these obstacles and eventually, Floristique is able to offer free flower delivery services anywhere in Singapore.

While there are plenty of florists in Singapore that offer same-day flower deliveries, there aren’t many who can do same-day deliveries for fresh flowers and there are even lesser florists in Singapore who can provide this delivery service at an affordable rate. Therefore, it is safe to say that Floristique has one of the best flower deliveries in Singapore.

Other than keeping our delivery prices low, we also managed to keep the prices of our flowers very affordable for anyone and everyone in Singapore.

Boasting an enormous catalogue of fresh flowers, we are the top florist shop in Singapore. Not only do we provide premium flowers and efficient delivery services, but we also offer cheap prices! Find out more about our website by browsing our full catalogue for some of the best flower creations online.

How to arrange your flower delivery within SG online

These are the time slots available for flower delivery within Singapore:

10am - 2pm, 2pm - 6pm

Weekends & public holidays
12pm - 6pm

Do take note that in order to qualify for same-day free delivery in Singapore, your orders will have to be placed before 2pm. For urgent orders, kindly contact our Floristique team @ 69044046, as our florists will have to make special arrangements for your delivery.

After making your order online, do make sure that the recipient will be present at the designated venue during the time of delivery, as there will be extra charges for re-delivery of the flowers in Singapore. Although delivery is free, there will be extra charges if you opt for specific timing for your order. For more information, you can always contact our florist at 80319620 or visit our FAQ page.

Post-delivery care for your flowers

Low prices doesn’t mean low quality here at Floristique, as we ensure that you receive your flowers in superb condition even though we sell them at a considerably cheaper price. After receiving the beautiful flower delivery from our florist shop, we would absolutely love for you to take the best care of the flowers so you can keep them for as long as possible. You can follow the tips below, tailored to Singapore’s climate, right after you receive the special delivery.

Cut the stems

Be sure to trim a few inches off the stems of your flowers once you receive the delivery, and do it diagonally to allow for better water intake for the flowers. Repeat this once every few days to have fresh-looking flowers.

Prune your flowers

Remove any leaves or small petals that are submerged in the water as being in the water encourages bacterial growth. Check for rotting or dead leaves every day to ensure that there is no bacterial rot, so your flowers remain alive for a longer time.

Ration your plant’s water intake

It is common knowledge that we have to keep our flowers hydrated, but too much of a good thing can become a bad thing. Upon receiving your flower delivery, cut the stems and put the bouquet into a vase of water. You don’t have to constantly water your flowers, but it is best to change the water out regularly (every 2-3 days) so it is free of bacteria. You should also keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, especially with Singapore’s weather, as the flowers last longer in a cooler environment.

Floristique - Singapore’s best florists with free delivery

The pictures you see of our flowers and bouquets online are taken with an iPhone camera to allow our customers to see the real photographic effect from a normal camera when they receive the actual flowers. Rest assured our team of florists will go the extra mile for you. After all, you deserve truly the best when it comes to surprising your loved ones for any occasion in Singapore.

Flowers are ultimately a universal symbol of love and affection, and there is no better way to express your feelings than by sending them over with a personalised greeting card that comes with our bouquets. In addition to fresh flowers at cheap prices, product add-ons such as fairies lights & bouquet bags are not incorporated into the prices of the bouquets as we believe this gives our customers greater options within their given budget.

As the top online florist in Singapore, we are open to Facebook Reviews for our customers' feedback. Therefore, drop us an honest review on our Facebook page after you have received the bouquet so that our florists can improve further and also be motivated to continue serving you with our best in this industry, and provide cheap flower deliveries to our fellow Singaporeans.

Finally, our customers can rest assured that their flowers in Singapore are not mass-produced. Even with some of the best prices in the market, we cap our orders on a daily basis as we want to keep all orders to perfection as much as we can.

We have been voted as the most recommended florist in Singapore and we excel ourselves with 24 Hours express flower delivery in Singapore. Surprise your loved ones at midnight now as we can deliver flowers and bouquets to them on late night hours as well. We have opened up our new office which works 24/7 so be sure to write to us here on our chat or through Wendy’s Whatsapp @ 80319620.

As the best florist in Singapore, our motto is to make our customers smile and this is the sole reason why we have flowers starting from the range of $30 and same-day delivery.

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