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Exquisite Corporate Gift Hampers Online


Gifts to remember, with a personal touch. 


Whether you’re looking to impress key business partners, reward loyal customers, incentivise your best employees or anything in between, a corporate gift hamper is a perfect way to show your respect and appreciation. At Floristique, we combine our passion and experience in floristry with an eye for detail to create a wide variety of inspirational hamper baskets suitable for any purpose or occasion. Choose professionally packed hampers filled with vibrant flowers, delectable chocolates, tantalising sweets, savoury snacks, enticing delicacies, fresh fruit and so much more. Put together with love and care, our selection of corporate gift hampers will accurately reflect your brand’s commitment to your clients and partners. 


Corporate Gift Hampers Made to be Special

Sometimes you need a great present that you can pick out in a flash and have delivered with minimal fuss. On other occasions, you want to take your time choosing the right gift and go to great lengths to ensure it has a personal touch that will make it truly special. 

To help our customers find the right corporate gift for any occasion, we offer a bespoke hamper service alongside an online catalogue packed with readymade executive corporate hampers based on popularity and current trends. With each and every corporate gift hamper in Singapore put together with intent by our experienced team, every hamper feels special. You’ll have no trouble picking out a fantastic corporate gift hamper in a pinch, but you can also give us a call to discuss how we can tailor your order to make sure it meets your vision.


Artisanship that Reflects Your Brand

We understand that presentation is vital, which is why we take pride in making each and every one of our corporate gift hampers as beautiful and striking as the contents inside them. Our online florist shop is open 24 hours a day with free same-day delivery when you order online before 2pm on weekdays and 11am on weekends for the ultimate convenience. If you do have a large order planned, get in touch with us in advance, and we’d be delighted to organise the perfect corporate gift hamper with delivery at any time and place in Singapore. 

Aside from our corporate gift hampers, we also have fruit and gourmet hampers for everyday gifting, and wellness hampers to express your wishes for good health - all available online! So, what are you waiting for? Order the executive corporate hamper that has caught your eye in our online catalogue, pair them up with some of our stunning flower bouquets, check out, and leave everything down to the delivery to your residential address in Singapore to us.


Frequently Asked Questions About Corporate Gift Hampers

What makes a good corporate gift?

When it comes to corporate gifts, it is best not to overthink it! Simply take the same approach as you would with any other gift, and get your recipient something that they will genuinely enjoy. Of course, given the professional relationship you share, you’ll want the gift to come across as meaningful and have tasteful branding. This is why getting an executive corporate hamper makes for a safe and fail-proof corporate gift.

What to put in a corporate gift hamper?

Hampers are the perfect gift for any occasion, making them ideal to give to your clients and colleagues. Filled to the brim with fresh blooms and a bottle of champagne, corporate hampers are sure to bring a smile to your recipient’s face. An amazing corporate gift, a hamper is an easy yet thoughtful way of showing appreciation. Rather than spending time shopping for all the treats to pack into a hamper, why not opt for a professional package from Floristique instead? For more inspiration, read our ultimate hamper buying guide.

How to decorate a corporate gift hamper?

Be it a personal note or a large bow to wrap your corporate hamper, there are many ways to decorate it. At Floristique, our corporate hampers come in charming boxes, wrapped neatly with premium treats. These corporate hampers also come with a complimentary gift card that you can craft personalised messages on. For more inspiration on what to write, read our greeting card ideas for a corporate gift.

Where to buy corporate gift hampers in Singapore?

If you are looking to gift a client or a colleague a corporate gift hamper, have a look at the hampers put together by our florists in Singapore. We offer an exquisite and aesthetically-pleasing yet affordable selection of corporate gift hampers for you to choose from. Pair the hampers with a congratulatory flower bouquet or an opening ceremony flower stand to make a good impression. Shop online with us today and enjoy free delivery in Singapore! 

How to arrange a corporate gift hamper delivery in Singapore?

When you get corporate gift hampers in Singapore from Floristique, you will never have to worry about arranging for their delivery. You can simply leverage our affordable delivery services and leave the heavy lifting up to our experienced and skilled delivery team. Offering free same-day delivery for corporate gift hamper orders placed online before specific time slots, you can rest assured that affordable yet premium executive corporate hampers are just a click away.

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