How to Use Flowers to Help You Say You’re Sorry

| Wendy Han

We all make mistakes. Sometimes, words are not enough to show you’re sincerely sorry about having hurt someone with words, with your actions, or in some other way.


Many people will recommend using gifts to apologize. We’re not very sure if apology gifts are very good for a relationship. Ask your significant other (only ask when things are going great between you) if you think a bouquet of flowers delivered to their office desk will please them while they’re probably still steaming after a fight. Their response is probably going to be “No”. In fact, the gesture may rub them the wrong way. It may make them feel that now they’re expected to forgive you, when they’re not really ready yet.


But it is possible to use flowers effectively to show your feelings. It will work as long as you don’t do it with the expectation of being forgiven right away. Often we don’t understand the unstated desires and feelings of another person, no matter how much we care about them. They may also be unable to express their hurt to you in its full magnitude. Here our florists make suggestions to help you navigate the tricky place you’ve reached, with flowers.


Deliver it in person

Show that you don’t expect to be forgiven right away. Make it clear that the flowers are only your feelings of humbled repentance. It doesn’t have to be accepted as appeasement. You shouldn’t send the bouquet to their office. Find a way to deliver the flowers in person. That way, they will get to see your sincerity for themselves. It may help to remind them of their good feelings for you.


Prepare their favourite flowers

A simple, artistic bouquet of their favourite flowers may please more than an expensive bouquet of exotic flowers. You cannot put a price on hurt feelings. Sometimes simple works best.

Choose flowers with meaning, if necessary

If your SO is someone who appreciates the meaning of flowers, then pick flowers with meaning. Tulips, for instance, are happy flowers associated with spring and new beginnings. White tulips are also flowers of forgiveness, that says “I’m sorry”. Lily of the valley is a flower that represents a return to happiness. It’s a fragile and delicate flower however, so handle with care. Yellow roses, rather than red, are better for an apology since they’re sunny and friendly. Carnations are also lovely flowers that, in the language of love, mean fascination with the loved one.


Say you’re sorry

It’s not always easy to say you’re sorry. But if you want your relationship to recover and be stronger than before, you have to say it. Make your apology simple and humble. Say you’re sorry, but do it in a kind and thoughtful way. Funny readymade apology cards don’t always work. They may relieve the tension for a moment, but again, the person you’ve hurt may resent it as a distraction.


In the end, time, patience and kindness will help your sincerity reach the one you love. Flowers will help you break the ice. Good luck!

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