What Are the Best Flowers for Mother’s Day?

| Wendy Han

What do you usually give your mother on Mother’s Day? Is it her favourite chocolate, something useful like a year’s supply of kitchen towels, or premium cosmetics? All these make good gifts most of the time. But why not give your special woman a bouquet of her favourite flowers to show her how much you care about her? No woman can resist a beautiful bouquet. And there’s something about flowers that can easily get your good feelings across to her.
  • Find out her favourite flower. If you know your mother’s preference for flowers, you could gift her a bouquet made up only of her favourite flower. Try to find out where her passion lies, if you don’t already know. Drop a hint about roses, cotton flowers or tulips and see if she shares her preference for one or the other. Some women prefer the unpretentious, snowy charm of cotton flowers to the gaudiness of bold roses. Others like the slenderness of lily bulbs.

  • Roses are classic. Roses make an elegant gift and there are few women who don’t like roses. It will be up to you to choose the colour of roses to give your mother. Roses were supposedly sacred to Isis, a maternal Greek goddess who was considered the ideal mother. It is also sacred to the Virgin Mary. Different coloured roses mean different things. Yellow roses are a symbol of joy and friendship. Pink roses signify elegance and grace. Either of these roses are great for giving your mother.

  • Gift her long-lasting carnations. Carnations make a wonderful Mother’s Day bouquet because they outlast most other cut flowers. The usual method for keeping flowers fresh for longer is to keep them in cool water, add some aspiring to it, and place them somewhere they get a little sunlight, such as on a windowsill. But even with all this attention, other flowers wither quicker than carnations. Your mother will be able to enjoy a carnation bouquet for long after Mother’s Day has passed. Make sure the flowers recant white, however. White carnations are given in memory of a mother who has passed.

  • Let colours guide you. Symbolism or preference doesn't have to be the only reasons for your choice of flowers. If your mother loves the colour yellow, a bright bunch of sunflowers will make her day sunny. Pink is a popular colour for Mothers’ Day. If your mother likes red, roses are great but also consider other seasonal flowers like bright red peonies. Seasonal flowers will be healthier and bloom brighter.

  • Consider offbeat options. Your mother may be someone who prefers offbeat bouquets like dried flower baskets or pineapple flowers. These make charming Mothers’ Day gifts as well.

  • A rustic bouquet may be pleasing. Some mothers who have grown up in countrysides and moved to the city may long for wildflowers that remind her of the home of her childhood. A wildflower bouquet will be a thoughtful idea and convey to her how much you mean to her.

  • Mix it bright. While single-coloured bouquets or monochrome bouquets with complimentary colours of reds pinks and whites are popular, a new trend is to make the bouquet bright and vivid. Choose a bunch of seasonal flowers in orange, red and yellow. These sunny summer colours make lovely gifts.


These days don't have to go to a florist to order your Mothers’ Day flowers. Singapore has online florists like Floristique who need only two or three days’ notice to design a beautiful bouquet for your mum. If you're not sure what kind of arrangement you want, discuss it with us and we'll help you make a choice and do the flower delivery in Singapore. If you're not able to be with your mum on her day, it's all the more reason to send her a pretty bouquet she'll cherish!

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