What Are the Most Popular Flowers for Chinese New Year?

| Wendy Han

As we usher in the Chinese New Year, the aura of festivity and joy is heightened by the vibrant display of flowers. More than just delightful visual elements, these flowers hold deep symbolic meanings that intertwine with the rich traditions of the festival. 

We're passionate about highlighting their significance here at Floristique, Singapore's top florist. So, join us as we delve into the captivating world of Chinese New Year flowers, unveiling these natural beauties' profound narratives during this special celebration.

The Importance of Flowers in Chinese New Year Celebrations

Flowers and Chinese New Year: A Symbolic Relationship

During Chinese New Year, flowers are much more than just decorative elements. They're symbolic representations carefully chosen to bring good fortune and prosperity. Each type of flower commonly used for Chinese New Year is believed to imbue the space with positive energy and herald the promises of a prosperous new lunar year.

Why Certain Flowers are Chosen for Chinese New Year

The selection of flowers for Chinese New Year is steeped in tradition. These blooms are chosen not only for their natural beauty and fragrance but also for their meaning and symbolic implications. The Chinese believe that flowers and plants carry specific energies and qualities, and proper selection can bring about wealth, good health, and positive change.

Popular Chinese New Year Flowers and Their Symbols


Peonies, often referred to as the King of Flowers, symbolise wealth and honour in Chinese culture. Their full-bodied, lush blossoms bring a sense of opulence to any arrangement, making them a preferred choice for Chinese New Year decorations. The enchanting beauty and rich fragrance of peonies are believed to attract wealth and respect, enhancing the auspicious spirit of the celebration.


The vibrant hues and intricate blooms of chrysanthemums play an integral role in Chinese New Year celebrations. These radiant flowers are believed to signify joy and rejuvenation. Their bright, colourful petals bring a touch of vitality to any space, making them a quintessential part of the festive décor.


The unique shapes and captivating colours of orchids symbolise fertility, abundance, and luxury. Loved for their elegance and exotic charm, orchids take on a deeper meaning during Chinese New Year. They're believed to invite prosperity and growth, and their exquisite allure is said to attract abundance and luxury.


Lilies, with their elegant, towering stems and large trumpet-shaped blooms, symbolise purity and good luck. They are often included in Chinese New Year flower arrangements to signify a year filled with good fortune. Moreover, the bright and beautiful lilies enhance the celebratory vibe of the festival with their attractive presence.


Roses are flowers traditionally associated with love and affection. However roses also signify prosperity and new beginnings during Chinese New Year. Their vibrant colours and intoxicating scent add a layer of richness to the festivities.


Carnation flowers are cherished for their long-lasting blooms and wide range of colours. Each hue has a unique meaning, but carnations are seen as emblems of love and luck. Their presence in Chinese New Year arrangements is believed to bring good fortune and express emotions of love and admiration.

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Suggestions for Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

An artfully crafted arrangement can boost the festive spirit and spread positivity. Here, we share some tips to create the perfect flower arrangements for the Chinese New Year.

Combine Different Flowers for Maximum Symbolism

Creating a Chinese New Year flower arrangement is both about aesthetics and the specific fortune each flower symbolises. For instance, combining peonies, symbolising wealth, with roses, signifying new beginnings, can usher in a prosperous year. By incorporating chrysanthemums, you invite joy, while lilies add a touch of purity and good luck to your home or office.

Balance Colours in Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

In Chinese culture, the colour of your flowers holds significant symbolism. Red is considered the most auspicious colour and is a common choice for New Year's decorations, often coupled with gold to symbolise prosperity. However, a balance of different colours can create a visually pleasing and symbolically rich arrangement. Yellow chrysanthemums, for instance, signify longevity and happiness, while pink peonies represent riches and honour.

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Choose the Right Vase for Flower Arrangements

The vase hosting your arrangement can amplify its symbolic impact. Consider gold or red vases to imbue your flower arrangement with additional auspiciousness. Alternatively, a transparent glass vase can let the beauty and colours of the flowers take centre stage.

Size and Height Considerations in Flower Arrangements

When curating your Chinese New Year flower arrangements, it's essential to consider the size and height of your flowers. A well-balanced arrangement is more appealing and carries positive symbolism. For instance, taller flowers like lilies could be placed at the back, while shorter blooms like roses or chrysanthemums could be positioned in front. This creates an aesthetically pleasing gradient effect while maximising the visual impact of each flower.

Placement of Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

The location of your flower arrangement can influence its positive impact. Traditional placements include the living room, entrance, or dining area, where all visitors can appreciate the arrangement, filling your space with its vibrant energy.

Contemporary Innovations in Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements

While traditional Chinese New Year flower arrangements hold great cultural significance, contemporary interpretations have also emerged, blending modern aesthetics with traditional symbolism. These innovative approaches add a fresh and creative touch to the festive decorations.

Minimalistic Elegance

Contemporary Chinese New Year flower arrangements often embrace a minimalist design aesthetic. They focus on clean lines, simplicity, and the use of negative space to create a sense of elegance and sophistication. These arrangements reflect a modern sensibility while still incorporating traditional flowers and symbolic elements.

Fusion of Eastern and Western Floral Styles

There has been a growing trend towards blending Eastern and Western floral styles in Chinese New Year arrangements in recent years. This fusion incorporates techniques, flowers, and design principles from both cultures, resulting in unique and captivating arrangements that honour tradition while embracing contemporary influences.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Designs

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, there is a rising preference for sustainable and eco-friendly flower arrangements during Chinese New Year. These designs prioritise using locally sourced, organic flowers and foliage, as well as recyclable or reusable materials. Sustainable arrangements not only reduce environmental impact but also emphasise the importance of preserving nature's beauty for future generations.

Incorporation of Innovative Materials

Contemporary flower arrangements for Chinese New Year often experiment with unconventional materials, such as recycled paper, fabric, or even upcycled objects. These innovative designs add a touch of novelty and creativity to the arrangements while promoting resourcefulness and sustainability.

Chinese New Year Flower Arrangements in Public Spaces

Chinese New Year flower arrangements extend beyond individual homes and are also prominently displayed in public spaces, businesses, and event venues. These large-scale installations contribute to the festive atmosphere and create a sense of community celebration.

Grand Floral Installations

Public spaces, shopping malls, and city centres often feature grand floral installations during the Chinese New Year. These installations utilise a vast array of flowers, plants, and decorative elements to create visually stunning and immersive experiences. They serve as focal points for public gatherings and become popular photo spots for locals and tourists alike.

Corporate Displays and Office Decorations

Businesses and offices also embrace Chinese New Year by incorporating flower arrangements into their decor. These displays often reflect the company's brand identity while incorporating traditional elements. For example, flower arrangements in corporate settings signify prosperity, success, and a harmonious work environment.

Street Decorations and Lantern Festivals

In many cities, streets and neighbourhoods are adorned with elaborate decorations, including flower arrangements, lanterns, and festive ornaments. These public displays create a vibrant and festive ambience, attracting visitors and fostering a sense of community spirit. Lantern festivals featuring intricate lantern installations and flower displays are held during Chinese New Year, further enhancing the celebratory atmosphere.

Temples and Places of Worship

During Chinese New Year, temples and places of worship are adorned with flower arrangements to welcome worshippers and honour deities. These displays feature auspicious flowers, fruits, and other symbolic elements that reflect the spiritual significance of the festival. Flower arrangements in these settings evoke a sense of reverence and serve as offerings to the divine.

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