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Chinese New Year (CNY) Hamper Delivery 2023 in Singapore

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The Chinese New Year season has rolled around once again, and many of us will be looking for thoughtful gifts to send to our loved ones, friends, and colleagues. However, it can be stressful and tiring to figure out what to get everyone, collate your recipient list, and send each gift out for delivery.

Why not make your CNY gifting experience so much smoother and easier by simply ordering a CNY 2023 hamper delivery online? Take your pick from hampers brimming with flowers, oranges, cookies, and other seasonal CNY goodies that will make your family reunions and annual get-togethers even more memorable.

Enjoy Free CNY Hamper Delivery in Singapore with us

Order your Chinese New Year hamper online today from us and enjoy FREE islandwide delivery in Singapore. Our premium CNY hampers are thoughtfully hand-crafted by our team to create gift arrangements that represent prosperity, longevity, and good fortune for the future. Find out more about our delivery services in our FAQs or get in touch with our customer service hotline at (+65) 6904 4046.

Floristique is a leading wholesale florist and gifts provider in Singapore, with a wide variety of unique hampers and gift baskets suitable for every occasion. From get well soon hampers to newborn baby hampers to seasonal Christmas hampers, we’ve got you covered for all the important holidays, milestones, and anniversaries in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chinese New Year Hampers

When should I send my CNY hamper?

You can start sending Chinese New Year 2023 hampers to your family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues in Singapore as soon as possible. However, many people often try to time the arrival of their CNY hamper delivery so that it arrives in the week leading up to CNY, or in the first 2 weeks of CNY. If your hamper contains perishable goodies, you should also ensure that someone is able to receive it upon delivery so as to avoid any spoilage.

What are good CNY gifts for a hamper?

When gifting someone a hamper or gift basket for Chinese New Year, you can’t go wrong with these classics:

  • Fresh fruits
  • Selected tea or coffee packets
  • Festive treats such as pineapple tarts and bak kwa
  • Singapore-themed biscuits, snacks, and other goodies for a local twist

If the recipient is someone that you’re close to you can also include unique gifts that you know they’ll like such as small home decor items or even skincare. You can even consider ordering them a gourmet hamper and gift basket that features premium and luxury goodies, beverages, and more.

What CNY gifts are considered lucky to give in a hamper?

While modern Chinese New Year hampers and gift sets now include all types of unique items, there are still some traditional gifts that are considered lucky or auspicious for the season. This includes:

  • Mandarin oranges (Represents wealth, prosperity, and fortune)
  • Premium wellness products such as Bird’s Nest or chicken essence (Represents good health and/or long life)
  • Abalone (Represents prosperity and fortune)
  • Fortune Cat decorations (Represents good luck, wealth, and happiness)
  • Peonies (Represents prosperity and happiness)
  • Red packets containing an auspicious amount such as $88

Look out for gift hampers and baskets that include one or more of these items above so that your thoughtful and genuine wishes can be accurately conveyed to the recipient.

How do I pick a suitable Chinese New Year hamper?

When selecting the right Chinese New Year hamper to send to your intended recipient, you can consider the following:

  • How close are you to the recipient? The type of hamper you send to family or loved ones will be different from a corporate gift hamper you plan to send to colleagues, clients, or bosses.
  • What’s included in the hamper? Many hampers today often include flowers, oranges, and other traditional CNY goodies. Some may even include a handful of luxury items such as Bird’s Nest drinks or cans of Abalone. You should also ensure that the hamper does not include anything that could be seen as inauspicious, such as items coloured in black and/or white.
  • What does the hamper look like? You’ll want to check if the hamper is decorated in more traditional styles (which may be appealing to older recipients) or adopts a more modern style.

How can I arrange a Chinese New Year hamper delivery?

Floristique offers FREE delivery for all of our products with no minimum order required, including Chinese New Year hampers. Specific Time delivery is also available as an add-on, with a surcharge of $30 + GST. Same-day delivery cut-off times for CNY hampers are 2pm (Monday to Friday), and 11am (Saturday and Sunday).

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