5 Lucky Flowers for Lunar New Year 2021

| Wendy Han

Lucky CNY Flowers -Floristique SG

How’s your 2021 looking like?

Let’s just say quite a lot of us could do with an extra boost of luck as we usher in Lunar New Year 2021.

Did you know that there are several flowers that are not only gorgeous and energising for any living space but are also thought to bring in good luck during festive seasons? Here are 5 flowers recommended by our florists!

1. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthenum CNY Flowers - Floristique SG

During this Lunar New Year, one of the flowers that will bring you good luck if you place it in vases around your household is the beautiful chrysanthemum. 

The flower’s multi-layered petals and an array of bright colours promise you wealth and prosperity. 

In Chinese culture, the chrysanthemum is considered a noble flower and associated with Confucian morals, while in Japanese culture, the flower stands as a representation of royalty and status. The luckiest bouquet combination consists of purple and golden yellow chrysanthemums, as purple ones stand for longevity and wealth, while the later ones symbolize luck in finances. 

A fresh bouquet of chrysanthemums in your room will purify the air in it, while the hypnotic smell will calm your nerves.

2. Peonies

Peonies CNY Flowers - Floristique SG

It is no surprise that peonies are often associated with innocence, romance, and feminine beauty and charm. 

The soft and intricately shaped petals form a gorgeous and breath-taking flower that looks extremely gentle and elegant. We can often see peony in Asian art, and it is considered a national flower of China. 

The peony is called the flower of kings, riches, and honour. Peonies represent a blissful marriage and prosperity, so this flower is particularly auspicious for Lunar New Year.

3. Lilies

Lilies CNY Flowers - Floristique SG

If you have a bouquet of lilies placed in your dining or living room, then consider yourself already lucky during the Lunar New Year. Lilies are not only beautiful to look at, but they also have a pacifying appearance. 

Lilies are the perfect flowers to look at when meditating as they help your mind and body relax just by looking at them. Lilies also possess air cleaning properties as they remove some of the toxins from the air. 

As for symbolism, lilies represent hope, good luck, and growth in career and self-development. In Chinese culture, lilies are valued and considered as one of the essential good luck charms.

4. Tulips

Tulips CNY Flowers - Floristique SG

The tulip is a stunning flower that looks great, whether it's in a bud, semi-bloom, or fully-bloom condition. The flowers come in various vibrant colours, and each colour has a specific representation. 

However, they will all bring you good luck in the Lunar New year. For example, white tulips are associated with respect and honour, while red tulips represent eternal love and passion. Yellow tulips symbolize happiness and pink stand for romance and affection. 

Purple tulips are rare, and they are associated with royal families and wealth. Pick a tulip colour that corresponds with your wishes and desires or request for our team of florists to assemble a bouquet that consists of all these tulip colours.

5. Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas CNY Flowers - Floristique SG

A mass of blooming Hydrangeas is what you need in your house if you are looking for some Feng Shui energy and luck inside your household and in your life. Hydrangeas are epitomes of spiritual enlightenment, from their unique appearance to their meaning and symbolism. 

This flower represents good luck, gratitude, and wealth in many cultures. If creativity is part of your career or hobby, then a bouquet of Hydrangeas strategically placed in the area where you create will help with your inspiration and bring you good luck in all your projects.

Want to get these lucky flowers for Lunar New Year? We have the stocks! Make sure you browse our website and order today. 

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