Decorate Your Home with these 5 Lucky Flowers to Start The New Year

| Wendy Han

2020 has passed in the blink of an eye and most of us are probably getting ready to welcome the new year. 

This year was extremely challenging, to say the least. If you feel like you need to boost your luck in the new year, why not fill your life with some lucky flowers?

Some people have their lucky charms, but filling your home or workplace with flowers has a multitude of benefits beyond luck. Flowers can energise and bring life to any room. They can also calm your nerves and even improve your mood on a bad day. 

Our Singapore florists have handpicked 5 flowers that represent good luck, joy and everything in between for a prosperous and marvellous 2021. Read on to find out what they are. 

1. Hydrangeas

This flower, also known as hortensia, is native to both Asia and the Americas. They mostly grow as shrubs, being 1 to 3 meters tall. Some actually grow into small trees or even lianas on existing trees. At the present moment, these flowers are increasingly becoming popular.

Various colours have different meanings, such as the association of blue with understanding and white with purity. More than most plants, these particular ones require consistent water to remain healthy.

Generally, symbolise unity and togetherness in the face of challenges.

2. Lilies

These plants, specifically categorized as Lilium, are native to the Northern Hemisphere in more temperate and moderate areas. Being one of the most popular decorative flowers, they consist of many hybrids. In general, the term lily also refers to plants that resemble the actual species. 

A "true lily" is characterized by an onion-shaped bulb. Depending on the specific kind, these flowers bloom around the beginning of summer to fall. They are often associated with rebirth and fresh life – a perfect flower for a new year! 

3. Roses

With around 100 species in the Rosa genus, it's one of the most popular flowers when it comes to various colours. These include bright colours such as pink, yellow, and white; they also include dark colours such as maroon and dark crimson. In addition to their colours, people love these plants for their scent.

The various colours have much symbolism and meaning, especially when giving them as a gift. For example, yellow roses affectionately symbolise friendship. Orange ones actually are symbolic of enthusiastic pride. When it comes to pink ones, it gives off a meaningful and graceful appreciation of someone. 

Fill your living area with roses to build more long-lasting connections in 2021!


4. Peonies

The peony blooms from late spring up until around early summer. It really blends in well with the renewal of its natural surroundings as things start to grow. However, this depends on variety and location, as there are early and late blooming assortments. 

Peonies symbolise prosperity, wealth and good luck. If you are feeling anxious about the new year, why not decorate your home with some peonies?


5. Chrysanthemums

bloom in fall and represent beauty and joy during the onset of winter. They also symbolise long life and good luck. 

Usually, they are given to elders as gifts but these beautiful blooms can also fit in nicely in any living or working space. If you feel like you need some luck this year to tackle a huge business project or new opportunity, have a vase of chrysanthemums to usher in some. 

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