Benefits of Sending Flowers to Someone Quarantined at Home in Singapore

| Wendy Han

Benefits of Sending Flowers to Someone Quarantined at Home in Singapore

Know someone who is quarantined at home in Singapore? In light of Stay-Home Notice and Quarantine Orders during the current COVID-19 pandemic, this could be a colleague, friend or relative. With about 10,000 people quarantined at home as of August 1 2021, it can come as a shock to find out that someone you’re close to may be at risk. Yet, as much as you want to support them, it can be difficult to know how to help someone from a distance.

When you can’t be physically there to offer support, flowers can come in handy by providing them with fresh blooms to enjoy while they're stuck inside. Sending flowers is an inexpensive way of helping someone who needs cheering up when they need it most. This blog post will discuss the benefits of arranging a bouquet flower delivery in Singapore from a florist to someone who is homebound due to quarantine restrictions and how it might make them feel better.


1. Show you’re there

Happiness and joy often come hand-in-hand with flowers; either the giving or receiving of a bouquet is enough to bring out genuine smiles, laughter and well wishes. And for someone who is under quarantine, they will need all the positive energy to get through the next few weeks. 

Simply start exploring different flower bouquets available online for the one that is sure to make them feel secure and relaxed. This simple gesture can help make the home environment feel as comfortable as possible while your loved ones focus on their health. Fresh flowers are a great way to brighten up any room and give it an extra dose of life. Whenever they feel demoralised, just looking at the beautiful bunch of flowers can automatically put a smile on their face. From sunflowers to carnations, we’ve previously introduced the type of flowers that will never fail to cheer someone up

Benefits of Sending Flowers to Someone Quarantined at Home in Singapore


2. Support their mental health

Combined with pandemic-associated anxiety and stress, this is undoubtedly a challenging time for anyone who is adjusting to the ever-changing situation. And for someone who is struggling with mental health illness, the sudden isolation can be overwhelming to handle during the quarantine period.

Surprising them with the presence of fresh flowers can provide comfort, reduce feelings of loneliness, and help your loved ones feel connected with people outside of the home. Combined with its vibrancy, certain types of flowers also have calming scents to reduce stress levels and help melt worries away. Providing much-needed solace in this time of uncertainty, flowers are the perfect pick-me-up to lift spirits and promote a better sense of wellbeing.


3. Encourages productivity

Among the benefits of having flowers when working from home, the same applies here when it comes to making the most out of this time in quarantine. As flowers can play a part in contributing to a positive mood, this can help your loved ones feel more motivated to get things done - whether it’s reading a new book or staying up to task while working remotely. Additionally, the presence of plants can purify the indoor air.  

Benefits of Sending Flowers to Someone Quarantined at Home in Singapore

Reach out in the best way possible

Starting with our $30 bag series, sending beautiful flowers their way will not only bring them comfort in an otherwise difficult time but also helps bring back some normalcy into their lives. These stunning blooms can make any room feel more homey and cosy. Add words of affirmation in the card that comes along with your choice of fresh-cut flowers and get it delivered to their doorstep. Beyond unique flower bouquets, you can also send fruit and wellness hampers as a little care package of goodies. To make this delivery extra special, start exploring your options at Floristique and place an order today!

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