All You Need to Know about Baby’s Breath Flowers

| Wendy Han

Baby Breath Flowers

Small but classy, dazzling and versatile, baby’s breath flowers are undoubtedly one of our most popular flowers to date. You can find them in a variety of bouquets on its own or alongside other flowers.

If you are a fan of baby’s breath, make sure you read on to learn more about this spectacular and gorgeous flower!

How Baby’s Breath got its Name

Baby Breath Flowers and how it got its name

The origins of Baby's Breath flowers came from the variety of soil it specifically thrives on, which is a soil high in gypsum that's both thick and heavy. Its name, however, came from the fact that these are flowers often used as baby shower gifts.

Known by the name Soapwort in Great Britain, Baby's Breath flowers thrived during the Victorian era as people admired it for its distinctive floral canopy. These flowers were originally found in Eurasia, Africa, and Australia. Once they became popular, its fame spread all over the world.

What do Baby’s Breath Represent?

Baby Breath Flowers and what they represent

These beautiful flowers represent everlasting love and purity.

This is also why Baby's Breath flowers are also added in wedding floral arrangements such as wedding bouquets. These flowers can be used for any occasion that portrays a pure form of everlasting love, which is the case for weddings and baby showers. You can also give this to someone who is a past love as they're someone you continue to cherish to this very day.

Baby's Breath flowers are also associated with innocence, which makes them perfect for babies and infants. Lastly, these flowers can also refer to freedom and self-discipline. There are several ways to use these flowers.

For instance, when the baby shower is for a baby girl, pink and white Baby's Breath flowers are often used whereas if it's a baby boy, blue or green flowers are used.

Making a Bouquet with Baby’s Breath

1. Newborn Bouquets

Baby Breath Flowers Newborn Bouquet

You can request a flower arrangement of Baby's Breath for Newborn bouquets from florists in Singapore. These types of distinct flowers are known specifically for infants, which makes this the perfect arrangement. They represent innocence, purity, and everlasting love, which are qualities that babies naturally have.

2. Weddings

Baby Breath Wedding Flowers

You could also arrange these for a wedding bouquet, for an even more perfect wedding between you and your soulmate. There's nothing that represents everlasting love more than spending the rest of your life with the person you love most. With these flowers as your wedding bouquet, it will give a deeper meaning to the most important event in your relationship.

3. Anniversaries

 Baby Breath Flowers Bouquet for Anniversaries

Another is an anniversary bouquet, whether you're celebrating a wedding anniversary or another milestone in your relationship, Baby’s Breath flowers are perfect for both. Nothing would surprise the love of your life more than to gift them floral arrangements that mean everlasting love and purity. You're basically saying how pure your love means for them and how that will never change throughout the years.

4. Graduation

Baby Breath Graduation Flowers Bouquet

Lastly, you can also choose Baby's Breath flowers for a graduation ceremony. Whether it's your daughter, son, best friend, or someone important to you, these flowers also represent freedom and self-discipline. These are your way of saying that it's time for a new chapter in their extraordinary lives and that they have the self-discipline to embark on a new journey. This is why you can see these flowers on graduation floral arrangements - because of the deeper meaning these flowers provide.

You'll be pleased to know that all of these Baby’s Breath arrangements are available here at Floristique. If you’d like to customize a baby’s breath bouquet, please reach out to us.

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