Guide to Caring For Your Roses

| Wendy Han

Roses are an iconic flower that are a staple of bouquets and flower arrangements across the world, but receiving a bouquet only to watch it quickly wilt can be a saddening experience. Lengthening the lifespan of your roses means you can enjoy the blooms and their fragrance for longer. To help with this, we’ve gathered some top tips from our expert florists. Keep reading to find out how to make your roses last for longer! 

How can you make your rose bouquet last longer? 

1. Remove guard petals 

When it comes to the anatomy of a rose, most varieties will have guard petals around the outside. These petals are usually larger and protect the central bud as it continues to unfold. These are also the petals that will show the first signs of discolouration and drop off first. Removing the guard petals will keep your rose looking fresher for longer and means the plant can direct the nutrients to the newer petals rather than the old external ones.

Gently remove the guard petals at the bud with your fingers or tweezers. The petal should come out easily revealing a fresh petal at the next level of the bud. You can keep these petals as decoration in your home or compose them. 

2. Trim the stems

Roses, like other flowers, get their nutrients through their stems. You can see this in action when people use blue dyed water to create blue roses. As the central nutrient delivery system, it’s important that the stem does not become mouldy or clogged which will prevent nutrients being delivered to the bud and shorten the rose flower’s lifespan. Check every 2-3 days to ensure the stems are still looking fresh, and if needed, use some clean sharp scissors to remove any old section from the stem. As a bonus tip, try cutting your stems on a 45 degree angle to help it better soak up nutrients. 

3. Prune the leaves 

Once a rose has been picked, it begins to die. This death is often caused by limited access to nutrients. One way you can slow this process is by pruning leaves on your rose flowers. By pruning the leaves, more of the nutrients is directed to the head of the rose meaning it looks more vibrant for longer.  If you have an unusual rose like a blue rose or rainbow rose, pruning the leaves can also help the flower stand out rather than be covered by foliage. 

4. Change the water and add plant food

As you know by now, plants need nutrients to survive and if they can't get it, they will wilt more rapidly. You can help your roses get nutrients by putting plant food into your vase. Plant food provides extra essential nutrients for the flower and can be found at most gardening stores or at your local florist. If you can’t find plant food at either of these options, there are plenty of recipes for homemade plant food that you can use. Make sure to add plant food every time you change the water, or every 2-3 days, to keep your roses fresh and healthy.  

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