Amazing Corporate Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Thank You For

| Wendy Han

In this day and age, have corporate gifts faded into obsoletion? 

Absolutely not!


Why You Should Send Corporate Gifts

The importance of corporate gifts is best reflected in an old adage - "People will probably forget what you said, people will probably forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel."

Corporate gifts are one of the best ways to show your dear clients that you really appreciate them in a thoughtful and genuine way. When properly chosen, a corporate gift can provide you with an excellent Return On Investment (ROI) by strengthening your relationships with clients, which leads to better and sustained business. Not to mention they are also extremely thoughtful and help to convey your kind regards. 

Rewarding loyalty is a fantastic way of holding on your customers and people who go the extra mile for your company.

The simple act of sending a corporate gift can make your important clients feel that you really care about them. They send a message that you think of them and that you truly value your relationship with them. That is the true legacy of corporate gifts. This means that your need to put some effort into your corporate gift - which means thinking beyond simple branded pens or wall calendars. 

That being said, your gift doesn't have to eat away your whole bank account. You don’t have to break the bank just to make a good impression when you know what works well as a corporate gift. We have some economical but pleasant recommendations listed below!


1. Wellness Hampers

It might seem cliché, but wellness hampers marry mindful thoughts and functionality. 

Sending a wellness hamper to a client and business partner is a great way to show your respect and good wishes to people you value highly. Wellness hampers usually contain light snacks, flowers, and nourishing health foods to speed up recipient recovery.

The purpose of a wellness hamper is not only to wish for fast recovery, but it is also a perfect way to say thank you, see you soon, and I really do appreciate everything, etc. During this pandemic, they are also suitable and considerate gifts to convey your care and concern. 

Businesses usually send wellness hampers during special occasions like Lunar New Year and Christmas. 

That being said, you needn’t wait for a festive season to send a hamper. If you want to spread some good vibes, go ahead and send your business partners a neat hamper.


2. Flower Stands 

Flower Stands

Is your client opening a new store? A flower stand is the perfect corporate gift. They are spectacular gifts to celebrate the beginning of a new business journey.

Sending grand opening flower stands is a stellar way to enrich those special moments and wish your recipient the best of luck. 

Floral stands highlight the true importance of a special day and instantly energise your recipient and his guests. 

Whether it is a restaurant opening, the grand opening of a new supermarket, or a new branch, sending a flower stand is one of the greatest gestures you can do in order to wish success to the new entrepreneur. 

Rest assured that the new owner will surely appreciate the deep and true affection that you have given through this gift.

Choose flower stands from local florists with bright colours like red, orange and yellow as they can effortlessly brighten any living space and represent abundance and wealth. Avoid colours like white or black as they might give off the wrong impression.


Don’t Forget to Attach a Card

Picking a gift is just the first step. If you want it to be a truly memorable one, make sure you attach a card with a thoughtful message. Find out when would be a good time to deliver the gift. You could choose either to hand-delivery or get flower delivery Singapore services to handle the delivery for you.

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