Planning a Successful Surprise Birthday

| Wendy Han

Birthdays are an exciting opportunity to shower your loved one with gifts and make them feel appreciated. One way you can celebrate the birthday boy/girl is with a surprise party. But how do you plan a surprise party and, most importantly, keep it a secret? We’ve put together a few tips for ensuring your surprise party is a fun event for everyone involved. 

Do some sleuthing

Part of the reason why planning a birthday party is so hard, is because the person you're celebrating has no say in the process. Every decision you make is essentially an informed guess of what they would like. To make sure the birthday boy/girl has a good time, take down notes of things they say leading up to their birthday. For example, if they mention a certain flower they like, consider including it in their birthday bouquet. Pay attention to what they say about cake flavours, colours, and try to figure out what theme they might like. Ensuring your friend has a good time at their birthday party is a matter of listening actively and applying what you learn. 

Where, when, and how?

Once you’ve figured out what the birthday person wants, you can start planning the event itself. Decide on a location that is convenient for everyone. If you get their family involved and ask permission, you could have the party at their house. Community centres and parks are also excellent venue ideas. No matter where you decide to have the party, make sure you have a clean up team to help get everything back in order. No one wants to clean up after their own birthday party!

As for when, this will require more sleuthing, or even setting up a meeting under false pretences. Rather than assuming your friend is free on the weekend, plan a catch up with them at the time you want to have the party. This will ensure they are free and prevent you from dealing with the awkwardness of a birthday party with no birthday girl. 

Next is figuring out how to send invitations. Social media is an obvious choice, but letters can add an extra layer of mystique to this exciting event. Regardless, it’s essential that the birthday boy or girl does not receive an invitation!

Prepare food and decorations

A party without food is a sad affair, but if you don’t want to be the sole cook on this surprise adventure, consider asking your friends to all bring a dish to share. A potluck style feast brings  friends together and lets them feel part of the event. If you decide to go with a potluck party, make sure everyone labels their plates, bowls and platters to prevent confusion when the party ends. 

If potluck isn’t your thing, having the event catered can also be an option. Many of your favourite fast food and takeaway places now offer catering options so look at your local food places to find the perfect party food. 

Decorations are also key. Birthday flowers with balloons are an obvious option, and your friend can take home any leftover flowers to make her own birthday bouquet if they want. If you’ve decided on a theme, you can use decorations to bring that vision to life. For a pink themed party, consider pink roses and carnations, balloons, table cloths, and an array of pink-themed sweet treats. 

Don’t forget the gifts!

The surprise party itself is a lovely gift for your special person, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get them something small as well. Happy Birthday flowers are a lovely memento of the event that your friend can keep and preserve if they like. Designate a table for guests to drop off their gifts as they come in. With everything in the same place, there will be minimal confusion when it comes to unwrapping birthday gifts. 

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