Hampers: The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

| Wendy Han

Hampers - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion


A hamper is the gift that keeps on giving. Beautifully packaged with an assortment of carefully chosen items, they’re made to excite and delight. They, however, tend to be overlooked or branded as corporate sometimes. But we now take a closer look at these underrated gems—special for many reasons.

Why do hampers make great gifts?

Receiving an unexpected hamper at your door can lift your mood and turn your whole day around. They give off a festive feeling, can be customised to suit the occasion and consist of items that are valuable to everyone, no matter  gender or age—making it the perfect gift. You can give them to mark special occasions like milestone birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of newborn babies. Everyone just needs a little bit of help along the way when it comes to getting the right gift and the hamper is the answer to all your gifting predicaments. It’s never a mood dampener.

Packed with practical items, a delightful mix of trinkets and knick-knacks, and packaged in dazzling wrapping, it’s a crowd-favourite. There’s something for everyone in this treasure-trove of a gift. 

1. Mystery waiting to be uncovered

A hamper’s magic lies in its ability to intrigue. They are packed with many different things and it’s not immediately obvious what’s inside. What sort of decadent goodies hide within that beautiful packaging? The anticipation and excitement of tearing open the wrapping can be hard to contain. Floristique’s Millie hamper contains a long list of wellness and health supplements: Poh Ma American Ginseng Tea, Single Bulb Black Garlic, HockHua's Oolong Tea, Lachlan Valley Honey, Golden Cow Bird Nest and HockHua's Essence of Fish—which all fit snugly into one package. Yes, it’s hard to tell by just looking at it. Gift the gift of discovery to the ones you love the most.


Hampers - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

2. Connotes celebration

Hampers graciously sidestep the pitfall of an underwhelming gift. They feel grand and special—and hit all the right notes that make it perfect for marking a special occasion. Their elaborate packaging lends it a festive air, fit for celebrating the birth of a newborn baby or the housewarming of a couple’s first home. Floristique’s Ornstein hamper is especially fitting for celebratory events. If you’re deciding between buying flowers or a bottle of bubbly for your anniversary, why not go with both? Nothing says a hearty “Congratulations!” like a bouquet of fresh flowers paired with a bottle of Moët champagne. 


Hampers - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion

3. Consist of practical items 

When in doubt, give someone something you know they or their family are bound to use, like tidbits, snacks, fruit or health supplements. Fruits are sweet, nutritious after-meal snacks and are always appreciated. Floristique’s fruit hampers, the Selina hamper and Jean hamper come with an assortment of fresh fruit—especially perfect for the ones who place a premium on a healthy diet. Health supplements like bird’s nest, ginseng or essence of chicken or fish, seen in the Vivienne hamper, are also thoughtful gifts that are a way to show care and good-will.


Hampers - The Perfect Gift For Any Occasion


4. Versatile and customisable

Hampers are truly versatile gifts, neither masculine nor feminine, both casual and grand, can contain perishables or non-perishables, or both. They span a wide range and cater to all; a gift to make all happy, the young and old alike.

There’s a hamper for every occasion: fit the right one to the right occasion. The same hamper can also be sent for different occasions. Our chocolate hamper, the Isaiah hamper, can be sent for a birthday, Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day.

A simple, non-fussy fruit hamper is a fitting get-well-soon gift. A hamper with an assortment of food snacks, like in the Adalicia hamper, makes for a good gift to new business partners. It walks the fine line of friendly and professional without overstepping boundaries. In this way, it’s also easy for your clients to share with the rest of their team.

Floristique also has a range of hampers that allow for customisation. The Seraphina hamper comes with flowers and champagne, but you can choose to add chocolates, health supplements or fruits, dressing it up or down as you prefer. 

Pamper with a hamper 

The next time you’re thinking of the ideal gift to cheer up a loved one or mark a special occasion, think of the hamper. They make the decision-making process easy and gift-giving no longer a hassle. For the best pick of hampers, bouquets and other floral arrangements online, Floristique is your florist in Singapore.

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