Refund Policy

Terms & conditions

Any changes to your order shall be communicated via email to us @ only. By making a purchase with Floristique Pte Ltd you are agreeable to the following Terms & Conditions:

1. Refund Policy:

  • Full Refund: for cancellations made 3 days in advance (with reference to delivery date) however, a 10% or $20 admin fee (whichever is higher) must still be paid to cover the refunding costs.
  • 50% Refunds: for cancellations made 2 days in advance (with reference to delivery date)
  • Any other refund requests made will be accepted or declined at Floristique Pte Ltd's own discretion. Floristique Pte Ltd reserves full rights to decline a refund request.

2. Floristique Pte Ltd will not be liable for flowers and arrangements once it has been delivered and acknowledged by recipient or on behalf of recipient to the designated delivery address.

3. In order to prevent delays in our operations, our couriers will wait a maximum of 10 minutes in the event that the recipient cannot be contacted via mobile. After which, the buyer may choose to pay an additional $20 for re-delivery at a later timing or date. 

4. Floristique Pte Ltd reserves full rights to accept or decline any purchase(s) made with a full refund if in the event of rejecting the purchase after payment is done.

5. Floristique Pte Ltd is in no way obliged to send photos of the finished product to customers, especially during peak periods as we conduct quality checks to ensure bouquets are in good condition before delivery. However we will try our best to do so if requested. Feedback of end product is most welcomed.

6. Floristique Pte Ltd takes pride in the products and bouquets made by us and ensure the best of quality and service that we can provide at that specific juncture upon purchase.

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