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The Best Flowers for Expressing Sympathy & Their Symbolism

| Wendy Han

Losing a loved one can be a difficult and emotional time, and expressing sympathy through flowers can provide comfort and support to grieving family members. At Floristique, we dive deeper into why flowers hold symbolism in mourning and remembrance, and we'll explore the appropriate flowers to give for condolences. Whether attending a funeral or sending your support from afar, these floral choices will help you convey your sincere emotions.

The Significance of Flowers for Expressing Sympathy

Flowers have long played a significant role in ceremonies for the dearly departed. They possess a unique language, capable of conveying emotions and sentiments when words often fall short. Here are a few key reasons why flowers hold such significance in expressing condolences:

Symbolic Meaning

Each bloom you give to the departed and their families hold symbolism in expressing emotions associated with mourning and remembrance. They carry their own distinct connotation, enabling you to show your heartfelt condolences and comfort the bereaved through careful flower selection. For instance, white flowers often symbolise purity and innocence, while red flowers can represent love and admiration. You can communicate your emotions and support meaningfully by choosing flowers with appropriate symbolism. Give flowers with symbolic meanings in the form of a flower stand or flowers in a vase.


Flowers hold significance when expressing sympathy because they are also gifts that pay tribute to the departed. The message of flowers shows the grieving family members that the person who departed had people who cared about them, giving them more comfort during this challenging time in their lives. Floral arrangements serve as a physical representation of love and respect, expressing how much the person who departed was important to you. The carefully curated combination of flowers in arrangements can evoke a sense of reverence, allowing individuals to pay homage and create a beautiful space to remember and cherish the life that was lived.

Sense of Comfort

The presence of flowers brings a sense of comfort and healing to both the bereaved and those offering condolences. Studies showed that rituals surrounding funerals are an aid in the grieving families. Furthermore, individuals interviewed in a targeted focus group expressed that flowers hold value as an aid in their grief. They symbolise the cycle of life, reminding us that beauty and growth can arise from challenging circumstances. The comfort provided by flowers allows individuals to find solace, peace, and a momentary respite during their journey of healing.

Non-Verbal Communication

Flowers transcend language barriers, allowing individuals to communicate their condolences without uttering a word. They offer a silent yet powerful expression of sympathy that carries deep meaning and understanding. Flowers serve as a means of showing support and empathy, offering a tangible gesture that conveys compassion and care. The act of presenting flowers during times of mourning speaks volumes about the emotions and sentiments being conveyed, providing a heartfelt connection between the sender and the recipient.

Cultural Significance

In different traditions and customs, giving flowers to the bereaved has cultural significance surrounding mourning and remembrance. Different cultures may have specific flower choices and arrangements associated with funerals and sympathy. By adhering to these cultural practices, individuals can honour the traditions and provide comfort in a culturally sensitive manner. Understanding the cultural significance of flowers helps ensure that condolences are expressed appropriately and respectfully, acknowledging and respecting the unique customs and beliefs of the bereaved.

Symbolism of Flowers for Mourning and Remembrance

When it comes to expressing sympathy and condolences, certain flowers hold special significance and symbolism. Understanding the meaning behind these flowers can help you select the perfect floral arrangements to convey your heartfelt emotions. Let's explore the symbolism of some of the most commonly chosen condolence flowers.

Lilies: A Symbol of Restored Innocence

Lilies stand out as one of the most popular flowers used to express sympathy. Their elegant and pure white blooms represent the restored innocence of the departed soul. The serene beauty of lilies brings a sense of peace and comfort during times of grief. Whether used as a single stem or in an arrangement, lilies serve as a poignant tribute to honour the memory of a loved one.

Roses: Grace, Admiration, and Purity

Every rose holds different meanings and symbolises different things. Roses in soft hues, like white or light pink, are selected to convey sympathy and condolences. White roses signify purity and innocence, making them a fitting choice for honouring the departed. Pink roses, on the other hand, symbolise grace and admiration, reflecting the deep respect and fondness held for the person who has passed away. Alongside their delicate fragrance and timeless beauty, these flowers offer a meaningful and heartfelt way to express sympathy.

Carnations: Resilience and Personalised Tributes

Carnations have long been associated with mourning and remembrance. These resilient flowers come in various colours, each carrying its own symbolism. White carnations represent pure love and innocence, making them an ideal choice for sympathy arrangements. Red carnations symbolise admiration for the departed and can convey the deep respect, and love felt towards them. Consider combining different colours of carnations to create a personalised sympathy arrangement that reflects the unique qualities and memories associated with the person who has passed away.

Chrysanthemums: Loyalty and Honor

Chrysanthemums hold deep significance in many cultures as flowers for funerals and remembrances. The white chrysanthemums, in particular, mean loyalty and honour, making them an appropriate choice to pay tribute to the departed and express your condolences. These flowers carry a sense of reverence and respect, allowing you to honour the memory of your loved one in a meaningful and dignified manner.

Orchids: Love, Beauty, and Lasting Impact

Orchids are elegant and exotic flowers that can convey sympathy through their delicate blooms. They represent love, beauty, and strength, serving as a reminder of the lasting impact the departed had on the lives they touched. Orchids add a touch of sophistication to any sympathy arrangement, offering a unique and graceful way to express condolences.

Suggestions for Sympathy Flower Arrangements

When it comes to expressing sympathy through flowers, the arrangement you choose plays a significant role in conveying your condolences. Here are some thoughtful suggestions for sympathy flower arrangements that combine the beauty of flowers with their symbolic meanings, allowing you to create a heartfelt tribute to honour the memory of the departed.

Rose, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, and Gerbera Flower Stand: Comfort, Innocence, and Strength

This flower stand combines multiple flowers, each with its own symbolic meaning, to create a beautiful tribute. Roses convey love and beauty, chrysanthemums represent loyalty and honour, orchids express strength and love, and gerberas signify joy and innocence. The combination of these flowers creates a vibrant and meaningful display. The flower stand arrangement provides a striking and uplifting presence, offering condolences and support to the grieving family. Its variety of flowers represents the diverse emotions experienced during the grieving process and offers a symbol of hope and healing.

Mixed Roses and Carnations Stand: Admiration, Love, and Remembrance

Combine the timeless beauty of roses with the symbolism of carnations by opting for a flower stand that incorporates both flowers. This arrangement represents admiration, love, and remembrance, paying homage to the departed. The combination of delicate roses and resilient carnations creates a harmonious blend of emotions, allowing you to express your heartfelt condolences and honour the memory of the loved one. This wreath can be placed at the funeral service or sent as a heartfelt gesture of support and sympathy.

Chrysanthemum Flowers in a Vase: Elegance and Respect

A chrysanthemum spray arrangement exudes elegance and pays homage to the departed. Choose white chrysanthemums for their symbolism of loyalty and honour, creating a meaningful tribute that reflects your condolences and respect. The abundance of chrysanthemum blooms in the spray arrangement adds a sense of abundance and reverence, allowing you to express your deep admiration and appreciation for the life that was lived.

White Lily and Chrysanthemum Flower in a Vase: Innocence, Peace & Honour

This sympathy arrangement combines the elegance of white lilies with the deep significance of chrysanthemums. White lilies symbolise purity and peace, while chrysanthemums represent loyalty and honour. Placed in a vase, this arrangement creates a serene and comforting display. The white lilies serve as a poignant reminder of innocence and offer solace, while the chrysanthemums pay tribute to the departed and express respect. This arrangement provides a thoughtful condolence gesture.

Pastel Flower Stand: Grace, Purity, and Peace

Create a soothing and compassionate tribute with a pastel flower stand. Incorporate gentle hues of pink, white, and lavender to express grace, purity, and peace. This arrangement serves as a comforting reminder of the love and sympathy being extended to the bereaved. The soft pastel colours evoke a sense of calm and serenity, allowing the recipients to find solace and comfort in the midst of their grief.

Allow Floristique to Arrange Your Sympathy Flower Arrangement

There are many ways to help a friend or a colleague with the grieving process, and giving flowers is a gesture that they would truly appreciate. At Floristique, we offer a wide range of sympathy arrangements featuring these symbolic flowers. Our commitment to providing good-quality flowers at affordable prices ensures that you can convey your condolences with both care and value.

Remember, when selecting flowers to express sympathy, consider the personal preferences and cultural significance of the recipient. Each individual has unique tastes and beliefs, and choosing flowers that resonate with their emotions can make your gesture even more meaningful.

If you're looking for the perfect sympathy flower arrangement, we are here to assist you. Browse our collection and find the ideal tribute to honour the memory of your loved one. Let our florists be your partner in heartfelt gestures of sympathy and remembrance.

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