All You Need to Know about Sunflowers

| Wendy Han

Sunflowers are perhaps one of the most popular types of flowers. And it’s no wonder why. They are bright, big and colourful.

But there is a lot more than meets the eye beyond aesthetics. In this article, our florists will be highlighting some trivia that will help you appreciate it even more!

What’s in a Name?

How did the sunflower get its name? 

The sunflower is indigenous to North America. The source of its name is from the Greek helianthus which is a combination of helios (sun) and anthos (flower). It is actually the only flower with the word ‘flower’ in it. 

Literally, the sun is so important in the lifespan of a sunflower because it has a unique property called heliotropism. 

It faces the sun at all times, starting the day facing the sun in the east, as it rises, and ending the day facing the sun in the west, as it goes down the horizon.

Caring for Sunflowers

With proper care, your sunflowers will bring energy and freshness to any living space. Hence, it is important to give them the right treatment.

Sunflowers have huge heads, making them top heavy flowers. The secret is to place them in a vase which, by its design, won't topple over due to the weight of the sunflowers. 

Look for a vase that is tall, has a sturdy foundation and cinched in at the top. This design will hold the flowers in place because of its narrow neck. The wider the opening at the top, the harder it would be to make the sunflowers stay in place. 

If all you have is a vase with a wide neck, you simply just have to get more sunflowers so they can hold each other up. 

Sunflowers do not require a lot of water after they are fully grown, so go easy on the watering. 

As time wears on, you could cut off the flower stems and swap huge vases for shorter ones to make them last longer.

Sunflowers as Gifts

These attractive flowers symbolise adoration, loyalty and longevity. 

They are known to be happy flowers, being associated with the sun (sunny disposition). They bring joy to anyone who receives them, including you. Gift yourself with a vase full of sunflowers if you are having a bad day. They will cheer you up.

If you adore or care for someone and you can't express it with words, show your unwavering faith and unconditional love to that person by giving a big bouquet of sunflowers. This will send the message clearly without being too cliché or over-the-top. 

Sunflower bouquets make great gifts for a sick friend or family member who has been having it rough. They also make excellent gifts to parents, teachers or friends.

Lessons from Sunflowers

We can also learn from the traits of the sunflower. It constantly seeks out sunlight, looks for nutrients and water and wants to grow in beauty. 

It is like us, constantly looking out for the truth, and for what means the most for us. 

We constantly seek out people who bring out the glow in us and we want to be our best self. We wither, like the sunflower turns yellow, when the people or the culture around us is drowning us in poisonous viciousness. Just like the sunflower, can drown in too much water.

If all the conditions are right, we bloom and so does the sunflower.

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