These Local Wildflowers Will Make a Quirky & Tropical Bridal Bouquet

| Wendy Han

One of the most exciting things about your wedding will be planning your wedding bouquet. There are many types of bridal bouquets to choose from. Roses are popular, of course, alone or mixed with peonies, ranunculus butterflies and other charming pastel coloured flowers that are popular with brides.


But if you want, our florists suggest that your bridal bouquet could also tastefully include a local wildflower or two that you love. If you're excited by the beauty and fragrance of some charming wildflowers as you walk through the streets of the Garden City, you may want to reflect that in your wedding florals.


Why not have a personalized wedding bouquet with a streamer of pastel-coloured bougainvillea trailing behind the roses? Or choose some other precious wildflower that fills you with nostalgia for the city that made you who you are, as you’re about to start a new life!


There are several flowers native to Singapore that make lovely additions to bridal bouquets.



Many brides who want a laid-back tropical bouquet pick bougainvillea. Technically, the beauty of this shrub is not in its flowers. The flowers are tiny and hidden in the midst of the boxy and showy leaves that grow in a variety of bright, joyous colours. The generous and rambling way in which these papery flowers hang will appeal to brides who like a touch of wildness and romance.


If you want to have these flowers spill over your arms on your wedding day, and make you look like a charming laid-back bride, you’re likely to want a shade of pink. The flowers come in a variety of shades of pink, from magenta to hot pink to purple. You can mix it with other flowers of your choice in a tropical bouquet.

Ginger Lily

The unconventional beauty of the ginger flower will look soft and stunning against your wedding gown. You’ll find these lovely, fragrant flowers grow in many ornamental gardens in the city. The flowers are easy to mix with other florals, and come in several colours. The butterfly ginger can be found in lovely shades of white and pale pink. The red ginger has a  spiky structure that will give your bouquet an edge, if you like. Your florist will add fern fronds or other foliage for a charming tropical bouquet.



Very few women don’t enjoy the frangipani, or plumeria, which is a common but by no means unpopular local flower in tropical countries. You may have walked under a roadside plumeria tree and been held transfixed by the scent. These lovely five-petal flowers look charming in a bunch, whether they’re on a tree or in a bouquet in your hand. The frangipani will make a beautiful, fragrant addition to your bridal bouquet. You can choose between the yellow-throated flowers, or the pink ones. There are several varieties of plumeria with variously coloured throats and petals to suit the general appearance of your bouquet.


What are your favourite local tropical flowers? Is there one you would like to see in your bridal bouquet?

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