Fresh Cut Roses in Singapore

Roses hold an enduring charm in the world of floral arrangements and special events. These exquisite blossoms have the unique ability to infuse elegance and romance into any occasion, making them a perennial favourite. 

However, in Singapore, the availability of fresh-cut roses can be influenced by the changing seasons. But here at Floristique, we have made it our mission to offer these captivating blooms all year round.


Most Common Types of Roses at Florists in Singapore

When you explore the wide selection of roses available at Floristique, you'll encounter a stunning array of types and colours, each with its unique charm and symbolism. Here's an overview of what you can expect:

  • Spray Roses: These dainty and delicate roses are known for their clusters of petite blooms on a single stem. They exude an air of grace and are ideal for creating lush and intricate floral arrangements.
  • Standard Roses: Standard roses are the classic, large-headed blooms that often come to mind when thinking of roses. They are admired for their timeless beauty and are perfect for making a bold and elegant statement.

When it comes to colours, Floristique offers a rich spectrum to choose from. Some of these include:

  • Red Roses: Symbolising deep love and passion, red roses are the ultimate expression of romance and affection. They are a classic choice for conveying your heartfelt emotions.
  • Pink Roses: With shades ranging from light pink to hot pink, these roses represent admiration, gratitude, and love. They are versatile and can be used for various occasions, from expressing appreciation to celebrating romance.
  • Pink Tip Roses: These charming roses feature delicate pink tips on their petals, adding a touch of elegance to your floral arrangements. They symbolise admiration and gratitude, making them suitable for appreciative gestures.
  • White Roses: A symbol of purity, innocence, and new beginnings, white roses are often chosen for weddings and religious ceremonies. They convey a sense of elegance and grace.
  • Yellow Roses: Radiating positivity and friendship, yellow roses are a cheerful choice for conveying joy and delight. They are ideal for celebrations and expressions of friendship.
  • Purple Roses: These roses symbolise enchantment, dignity, and admiration. They are often used to convey a sense of admiration and respect, making them perfect for honouring someone special.


What Do Roses Symbolise for Special Occasions

Rose bouquets hold a rich tapestry of symbolism, with each quantity and colour conveying unique sentiments. Here's a look at the significance of different rose quantities:

  • A Single Rose: Often signifies love at first sight or a profound devotion that knows no bounds.
  • A Dozen Roses: A classic choice that universally represents love and gratitude, making it perfect for romantic gestures.
  • Twenty-Five Roses: Conveys congratulations and best wishes for joyous occasions and achievements.
  • Fifty Roses: Symbolise unconditional love and a love that knows no limits.
  • One Hundred Roses: Express profound devotion, eternal love, and a love that will last a lifetime.

For more insights, check out our guide on rose colour meanings and what they symbolise.


Wholesale Fresh Cut Roses in Singapore

Floristique takes pride in offering a professional and efficient service for those seeking fresh-cut roses in bulk. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart as the top online florist of choice for sourcing wholesale fresh-cut roses.

With Floristique, you can expect:

  • Quality Assurance: We source our roses from reputable growers and suppliers, ensuring the freshest and most vibrant blooms meet our high standards of quality.
  • Prompt Delivery: Our dedicated delivery services are designed to ensure your bulk roses reach your doorstep in a timely and secure manner, preserving their freshness and integrity.
  • Customised Orders: Every event is unique, and your floral needs may vary. We work closely with you to create a tailored order that aligns perfectly with your event's vision.


Storing and Handling Wholesale Bulk of Roses

Proper storage and handling of bulk roses are essential to ensure their longevity and maintain optimal freshness. As such, Floristique implements best practices, including temperature and humidity control, to preserve the beauty of your roses. Our controlled environment and custom packaging techniques safeguard your fresh-cut roses, ensuring they arrive in impeccable condition and stay vibrant.


Enhance Your Floral Decor with Roses: Order Today - Fast Delivery

Enhance your floral decor with the beauty of roses from Floristique. You can easily order cut roses through our user-friendly platform. We also offer various delivery options and considerations to suit your needs, including same-day islandwide delivery, ensuring that your fresh-cut roses reach you in a timely and secure manner. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying and Using Wholesale Roses

1. How can I ensure my roses stay fresh longer after purchase?

To keep your roses fresh after purchase, it's essential to start by trimming the stems at an angle and using a clean vase filled with fresh water. Remove any leaves that might be submerged, change the water every few days, and place the vase in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from direct sunlight or heat sources. 

2. How do you cut roses so they keep blooming?

To encourage your roses to keep blooming, it's crucial to cut them properly. Start by making a diagonal cut at the base of each stem, ideally underwater to prevent air from entering the stem. Use sharp, clean shears or a knife to make the cut. 

3. What can I add to the water in the vase to make the roses last longer?

To extend the vase life of your roses, you can add a floral preservative to the water in the vase. Floral preservatives typically contain ingredients that help nourish the flowers, inhibit bacterial growth, and improve water uptake. Additionally, you can include a small amount of sugar to provide a nutrient source for the roses. 

3. Is it possible to make an order for a specific rose colour or breed of rose?

Yes, at Floristique, we offer the flexibility to make specific orders for particular rose colours or breeds. Whether you're looking for classic red roses, romantic pink ones, or a specific breed to match your theme, our team is here to accommodate your needs. 

4. How do I order roses for a wedding or large event in Singapore?

You can browse our extensive collection of fresh-cut roses, choose the desired colours and quantities, and place your order conveniently through our user-friendly online platform. Alternatively, check out our range of wedding bouquets for more options.

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