The Meaning Of Roses & Their Numbers

| Wendy Han

By the grace of Mother Nature, there are myriad varieties of flowers that bloom in various shapes, colors, textures and are entrenched with different fragrances. Needless to say how flowers symbolize purity, love, affection, warmth and to date remains one of the most delicate means of communicating a plethora of emotions to our loved ones. A simple flower gift continues to be one of the subtlest yet heart touching ways of reaching out to people. While you can choose from an array of seasonal flowers when gifting them to your friends, family or colleagues for any occasion, roses have remained as one of the most commonly chosen buds when it comes to sending wishes to loved ones. You can select the online delivery method to order your favourite bouquet of flowers today from Singapore florists. We guarantee to safely deliver the premium quality and any desired quantity of roses at your special someone’s doorstep.


The Deeper Meaning of Roses


Thinking of roses may naturally bring the red color to your minds, but roses are not just red. This flower has been inspiring for ages, so much so that people have attributed a language that connotes specific meanings to the number, color, and variety of roses. Traditionally, roses were perceived to denote eternal love, and even today the millennial generation continues to gift roses when proposing to their beloved whether on Valentine’s Day or otherwise.

The insight associated with roses is fascinating, and before you order a bunch of roses for your dear ones, you may consider the meaning of choosing a specific color and quantity of roses.  The ‘Garden City’ is known for its sprouting greenery and Singapore florist can arrange to surprise your loved one with the choicest long-stemmed red roses ordered by you over the virtual floral counter.


The Significance of Rose and its Colors

Red Rose: Undoubtedly, the red rose is known to symbolize love. These red charmers are said to communicate the most profound emotions ranging from longing to love. They simultaneously convey admiration, devotion, and respect. A deep-hued red rose is often chosen to express heartfelt sorrow and regret.


White Rose: White roses signify integrity, purity, and innocence and are usually associated with new beginnings. White roses make an ideal accessory for brides and are used for wedding ceremonies across various cultures. Also representing humility and spirituality, white roses are used for conveying sympathy as well. If you are looking for flowers delivery services to send white roses as a condolence message to a relative, we can instantly arrange for the same on your behalf.


Yellow Rose: The color yellow expresses exuberance, and these roses evoke feelings of warmth, care, joy, and friendship.


Pink Rose: There are various meanings associated with Pink Roses. Overall, the pink blossoms convey gratitude, joy, admiration, grace and tender emotions. Light pink florets indicate sweetness and innocence, while deep pink roses bear a resemblance to sincere gratitude and appreciation.


Orange Rose: Orange signifies passion and energy, and they are often an excellent medium for expressing desire and intense enthusiasm. These roses tend to convey a sense of gratification and symbolize love.


Not limited to its colors, the numbers of roses too relay a profound meaning. It is believed that there are hidden messages communicated through the language of roses. Here’s a list citing an insight to the quantity of roses gifted.


A Single Rose: indicates ‘love at first sight’

2 Roses – usually given to express deep love

3 Roses – is an expression of ‘I love you’.

4 Roses – a way to relay ‘nothing will come between us’.

5 Roses – can be given to a partner or a friend to signify your care

6 Roses – is given to mean ‘I want to be yours’.

7 Roses - signifies infatuation.

8 Roses – used to show support to any close family member

9 Roses – symbolizes eternal love. This exact number is often given to those you wish to spend your life with.

10 Roses – a great gesture to communicate to someone that he/she is ‘perfect’

11 Roses – indicates the recipient to be your treasured one

12 Roses – this is a way to ask someone to be yours

13 Roses – presented in this number, it symbolize secret admiration and eternal friendship

14 Roses – way to tell someone that you are proud of the person

15 Roses – often given to ask for forgiveness

16 Roses – shows interest in travelling

17 Roses – number of roses to gift to your beloved wife on her birthday

18 Roses – to tell your loved one to stay beautiful and young and it also symbolizes sincerity

19 Roses – give this number to someone you intend to wait for.

20 Roses – symbolizes belief and sincerity

21 Roses – gift it to someone you wish to show your commitment

22 Roses – present it for luck and togetherness.

24 Roses – to communicate that the person’s always on your mind

25 Roses – for wishing happiness of the world

27 Roses – gift a bouquet of 27 roses to your wife to communicate how much you love her

30 Roses – this number signifies faithfulness

33 Roses – symbolizes affection

36 Roses – a unique way to remind your partner of all the romantic moments shared together

37 Roses – an expression of deep love from the bottom of your heart

40 Roses – express your genuine love for someone with 40 roses

44 Roses – give this to pledge for constant love

47 Roses – this quantity communicates ‘you are my one and only’.

48 Roses – represents unchanging love.

50 Roses – signifies unconditional love.

51 Roses – this says that you have only one person on your mind

56 Roses – arranged in a bouquet, 56 roses mean love

66 Roses – this number suggests that your love for the person will never change

77 Roses – signifying ‘faith’ this number says that the person you are gifting 77 roses to is your soulmate

88 Roses – choose 88 rose stems to communicate an apology that you owe to someone

99 Roses – by gifting 99 roses you can communicate that you’ll love the person till you die.

100 Roses – this is a gesture of commitment and supreme devotion.


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