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A classic bouquet of roses might charm any recipient, but if you want to stand out from the crowd and gift your loved one something unique and insta-worthy, then you are in luck! Because Floristique retails a quirky collection of flowers on our online store in Singapore.

Unlike typical bouquets, our collection of unique flowers in Singapore challenges traditional and conventional floral art. Instead, we add some spunk, boldness and creativity to bring forth an enormous collection of bouquets and gifts that are unlike any other. We leverage unconventional colour combinations, unique textures and a variety flower breeds to give our customers unique pieces of art made from flowers. Our experts in Singapore have a keen eye for detail and seek to help our customers acquire atypical but captivating floral products.



Our range of unique flowers are versatile. We have bouquets and gifts for all occasions in Singapore. We have some unique bouquet and flowers for special occasions, read on to learn about them! 

For Valentine’s Day, instead of going with a bouquet of red roses, try… a combination of purple and pink tulips! Convey gentleness, grace as well as deep love, this combination of flowers is a softer and more feminine take on traditional Valentine’s Day bouquets.

For Mother’s Day, instead of giving a bouquet of pink tulip, try… how about a rose box? Bouquets are boring. So get Mom a more convenient and ornamental rose box instead!

For anniversaries, instead of roses… try mixing up peonies, carnations and eustoma! Go with a cooler colours like blue, purple and white for a more ethereal vibe.



Not only does Floristique boast a wide array of unique flowers, but we also offer island wide delivery in Singapore! Should you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to reach out to us.

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