Wedding Themes: Pick the Right Bridal Bouquet

| Wendy Han

Picking the right wedding theme to suit you and your spouse's personalities can be a little tricky. Lavish and extravagant or minimal and subtle? Blue and gold or pink and white? Planning a wedding is having to make many tiny decisions so your big day can become a reality. Flowers are also another item on this long checklist. Floristique’s team of florists in Singapore will help you along the process of choosing the perfect wedding hand bouquet for you.

Picking a wedding theme

Before you decide on the venue, dress and flowers, first, settle on the theme you would like to have. While you don’t need to follow this theme to the tee, it's easier to plan for a wedding if you know the final overall look and feel you’re going for. Colour palettes and flower types can then be chosen based on this theme. To kickstart your brainstorming and planning process, we provide a few suggestions that might help narrow down your theme options and help you match it to the right bridal bouquet.

Bohemian & rustic wedding theme

For the free-spirited brides-to-be who enjoy being outdoors and want to bring some of that to their weddings, having a bohemian themed wedding might suit you well. Borrow elements and textures from gardens and farmhouses like woven fabric in beige tones or muslin cloth and use them as tablecloths or wedding favours. The perfect floral bouquet for this theme would involve roses, wildflowers and green foliage like eucalyptus or thistle. Floristique’s Bridal (II) consists of roses, eustomas, mattiola, fillers and foliage. Bridal (I) and Bridal (III) are also other options offered by Floristique that would fit your rustic theme.

Blue wedding theme

A blue wedding theme might not be your first choice, but it’s an often overlooked and underrated theme. While pink pastels may be more common, shades of baby blue, or dusty blue can be elegant, and dreamy, while darker hues, like navy blue, can be chic and understated. If you would rather go for a more neutral theme of white, you can still choose to have pops of blue everywhere, from your glassware to tablecloths to bridesmaids dresses. Floristique’s Bridal IV is ideal for a blue-themed wedding with white roses and blue tulips and comes with a bridal wedding bouquet and two corsages.

Elegant & understated wedding theme

Sometimes you just want a wedding without the fuss and the stress. You want your dress, the venue, and your bouquet pared-down. Adopt a ‘less is more’ theme. For a minimal, clean look, keep your wedding dress contemporary and sleek. Choose monochromatic colours paired with bolder accent colours like gold. For your bouquet, highlight one particular type of flower—keeping it sophisticated and luxurious.

Calla lilies are chic, graceful flowers that are perfect for minimal weddings. While calla lilies are very similar in appearance to “true lilies”, they actually come from different plant families. The timeless calla lily flowers are the main feature in Floristique’s Bridal (V) wedding bouquet.

Purchase the perfect bridal bouquet in Singapore

Searching up wedding ideas and planning for a wedding can be equal parts stressful and exciting. A wedding theme need not be set in stone and can be a combination of a few different themes. Go with what feels right to you and how you envision your wedding day to be. When things get overwhelming, choose to focus on why it is you’re getting married and your union with your partner.

Our florists at Floristique will be here for all your wedding bouquet needs. Customising your bridal bouquet is also possible with us. If you prefer having peonies, hydrangeas, and tulips be the centrepiece, our florists will be more than happy to create your dream bouquet.

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