Wedding Prep: Planning After Your Engagement

| Wendy Han

So you’ve gotten engaged and celebrated the news of your impending marriage with all your friends and family, but what happens next? There are huge checklists for brides and grooms to go through when it comes to wedding preparation, with some points more important than others. As one of the leading Singapore florists for weddings, we’ve seen a lot of ceremony preparation techniques. Here, we outline top tips for effective wedding preparation that will allow both the bride and groom to relax and enjoy the process of getting married. 

Get on the same page

Once you're engaged, it’s easy to get swept up in the excitement of this huge life change, but to prevent complications later on, it’s important to ensure you and your partner are on the same page. Before you look at venues, choose your bridal party, or buy a dress, you’ll need to know each other's expectations. 

Take some time to sit down with your partner and discuss how much you want to spend on the wedding, how large you want it to be, whether there are elements you’d like to include, and how long you want your engagement to be. By having this conversation early on, you can power-couple your way through the wedding planning process and avoid any conflicts that stem from mismanaged expectations. Remember that this process is meant to draw you closer together, not drive a wedge between you. 

Choose your bridal party

Now that you and your partner are on the same page, you can involve your friends and family in the process. Start by choosing who you want in your bridal party. You and your partner should have decided on a number earlier that fits your budget and expectations. There are many fun, creative ways to ask a friend to be a bridesmaid or groomsman. Getting flowers delivered with a note is a cute and classic idea, but you can also assemble your friends as a group and tell them in person. Try not to pressure friends into this commitment if they can’t manage it. Some may love to be involved, but can't afford the time, money, or energy cost. Make sure you respect that decision and not let it affect your friendship. There will be plenty of other ways they can help behind the scenes as your wedding approaches. 

Plan the engagement party

The engagement party is your first big event as a couple, so take time to plan it together. Consider it a trial run of wedding planning as you decide on a guest list, decorations and any other important planning details. You can make your engagement party as relaxed or as formal as you like. You could rent out a space for a catered dinner, or have a relaxed BBQ in your friend's backyard. If you and your partner find yourselves too busy to plan the event, consider passing the reins on to your parents or friends. Either way, use this as an opportunity to celebrate your engagement with your loved ones. 

Spend time with your partner

As the wedding draws closer, it can be easy to see the event as simply that- an event. Don’t lose sight of why you’ve decided to get married. Make sure you still go on dates with your partner and spend quality time together. Wedding planning can become stressful, so find a fun activity that brings out the child in you both. Ice skating, a beach trip, or a night at the arcade are all fun ways to enjoy each other’s company and get some laughs in. Prioritise time together throughout the wedding planning process, and take time to relax and have fun during this time. 

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