Your Virtual Wedding Flower Checklist

| Wendy Han


Your Virtual Wedding Flower Checklist


Virtual weddings are a necessity at this present time due to the fact that Singapore and various other cities has set forth strict health measures in order reduce the spread of COVID-19. But even with this being the case, you can certainly have a lovely virtual wedding that you will cherish forever.


Don’t let the pandemic dampen your spirit and stop you from having your dream wedding. Instead, fill your venue with stunning and magnificent flowers to energise your guests and spread some much-needed love and joy.

As your guests mask up and some attend ‘virtually’ from their computers, furnish your wedding with some beautiful blooms.

Here’s your virtual wedding checklist:

1. Bridal Bouquet

Bridal Bouquet

Virtual wedding or not, the bride needs a gorgeous and stunning bridal bouquet. The bride deserves to have her choice of gorgeous flowers that she loves. 

Plus, the bridal bouquet really does set the mood for the wedding in a dramatic way. For instance, you could have a classy and timeless theme with a bouquet white flowers or you could have a quirky yet charming bouquet of colourful blooms for a more fun wedding. 

2. Corsages


Some say less is more when it comes to weddings. But for virtual weddings, even the smallest details can the biggest difference.

A corsage is a wonderful way to also add more charm to your virtual wedding. The person who wears the corsage will feel extra special. You can choose whichever types of flowers that you like for the corsage. The wedding should reflect your preferences after all. Get some of your bridesmaids to don a corsage for that extra touch of personality and elegance.

3. Floral Wreath for Bridesmaids

Floral Wreath for Bridesmaids

For your virtual wedding, it is a good idea to consider floral wedding wreaths for the maid of honour or your closest family members. Floral wreaths will add more dramatic appeal and elegance for your virtual wedding.

4. Floral Table Centrepiece

Floral Table Centrepiece

The floral table centrepiece is a nice addition when you are celebrating your wedding in a virtual manner with your family and friends. Not only is it visually appealing, but a simple table centrepiece can give your venue that extra touch of elegance.

5. Wedding Car

Wedding Car

Unless you will be having a simple celebration at home, chances are you’ll probably need a vehicle to get you to your wedding destination.

Last but not least, you also need to consider flowers for your wedding car. Have your car decked out with lovely flowers to add to the romance and thrill of the day. Pull up to the venue in style and swoon your guests!

Top 3 Flowers for a Virtual Wedding

There are a myriad of blooms out there for you to choose from your Singapore florist. If you are spoilt for choice, here are 3 you could start with.

Red Roses

Red Roses

Red roses are exquisite in appearance. They are a prime choice for any wedding and will be the perfect option for your virtual one. They represent true and enduring love.

2. Calla Lilies

Calla Lilies


Calla lilies are classic and beautiful. They represent purity and commitment. Thus, calla lilies are a wonderful way to show that you are truly committed to long lasting love for the rest of your life with the person whom you are choosing to marry.

3. Pink Roses

Pink Roses

Pink roses give a soft and romantic notion. They represent the sweetness of romance. You can use pink roses on their own or you can add them with the baby’s breath flowers or red roses to make a truly stunning statement during your wedding.

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