How Does Floristique Celebrate International Women's Day?

| Wendy Han

At Floristique, we recognise the power of flowers to express deep emotions and messages. International Women's Day is a significant occasion that we celebrate with great enthusiasm, honouring and empowering women through our floral creations. This day is not just a date on the calendar for us but a global acknowledgement of women's achievements. Our unique Floristique flower bouquets and flower boxes are more than just beautiful gifts; they are symbols of respect, admiration, and solidarity. 

In this blog, we will explore the meaning of International Women's Day and discuss the symbolic flowers associated with this day. Join us on this journey as we celebrate women, their strength, and their contributions to our world.

The History of International Women’s Day

Before we dive into Floristique's way of celebrating International Women's Day, let's briefly peruse the history of this significant day. This will enhance the appreciation of the meaningful floral tributes we offer.

International Women's Day, celebrated every March 8th, is a global day dedicated to honouring women’s social, economic, cultural, and political achievements. The roots of this special day can be traced back to 1909 in the United States, following a declaration by the Socialist Party of America. The idea to make the day international was proposed by Clara Zetkin, a leader within the "women's office" for the Social Democratic Party in Germany. Her proposal was unanimously approved at an International Conference of Working Women in Copenhagen in 1910.

However, it was not until 1975 that the United Nations officially recognised International Women's Day and began sponsoring it. Today, this day is celebrated with a myriad of events worldwide, ranging from political rallies and business conferences to theatrical performances and craft markets.

In Singapore, International Women's Day is observed with much enthusiasm. Various organisations and institutions host events that highlight the achievements of women and promote gender equality. At Floristique, we join in on this celebration, honouring women's contributions and achievements through our meaningful and unique flower arrangements. This day serves as a reminder of how far we've come in our journey towards gender equality and how much further we still have to go. It's a day of reflection, celebration, and action, and our team at Floristique is proud to be a part of it.

Why Floristique Believes Flowers are the Perfect Tribute for Women's Day

At Floristique, we see flowers as more than just beautiful objects; they are powerful symbols that carry deep meanings. We believe that flowers are a universal language, capable of expressing sentiments that words sometimes cannot capture. This belief is particularly relevant when it comes to International Women's Day, a day dedicated to celebrating the remarkable achievements of women and their invaluable contributions to our world.

Flowers, in their myriad shapes, colours, and fragrances, mirror the diversity and uniqueness of women. Just as each flower has its unique beauty, each woman has unique strengths and qualities that make her special. The life of a flower, from a tiny seed to a blooming plant, symbolises growth, resilience, and beauty - qualities we see in every woman.

These flowers for women at Floristique become more than just a beautiful gift; they symbolise recognition and appreciation. Just as flowers add colour, fragrance, and vitality to our world, women enrich our lives in countless ways. We believe in the delicate beauty and symbolic meaning of flowers as an exceptional way to honour the remarkable women in our lives.

Floristique's Flowers: Ideal Floral Choices for Women's Day Celebrations

At Floristique, our selection of flowers, each with its unique characteristics, mirrors the qualities we admire in women. Certain blooms stand out for their symbolic meanings and beauty, making them particularly fitting as flowers for women on special occasions like International Women's Day. These flowers are not chosen for their aesthetic appeal and the meaningful messages they convey. 

Let's delve into some of these floral selections at our flower shop ideal for celebrating Women's Day.

1. Lilies

When it comes to celebrating International Women's Day, one flower stands out for its meaningful connotation - lilies. Renowned for their elegance, lilies encapsulate the essence of womanhood with their graceful curves and vibrant hues. But their significance extends beyond their beauty. Lilies also represent strength and perseverance, qualities that reflect the resilience women exhibit in the face of adversity. Just as lilies bloom gracefully under challenging conditions, women shine brightly despite obstacles. 

The diversity of lilies, from the regal Calla to the exotic Tiger lily, represents the unique individuality of every woman. This Women's Day, a flower box of lilies from Floristique could be a heartfelt tribute to the inspiring women in your life.

2. Tulips

Stepping into the spotlight as a symbol of International Women's Day are tulips, flowers that carry a message of perfect love. This sentiment echoes the selfless love and care women embody and provide in their various roles. But tulips offer more than just a symbol of love. Their vibrant colours and diverse varieties represent the vivacious spirit and multifaceted nature of women. From the fiery reds that speak of passion and strength to the serene whites that reflect purity and grace, each hue of a tulip has a story to tell. 

Just as each woman has a unique story, each tulip has a special message. A box or bouquet of tulips from Floristique exudes a vibrant celebration of the colourful spirit, enduring strength, and remarkable impact of women.

3. Carnations

Floristique’s offerings of Carnations hold a special place in the pantheon of flowers associated with Women's Day, particularly the pink ones. These flowers are often seen as a token of admiration and gratitude, making them a perfect commendation to the women who have made a difference in our lives. 

The layered petals of carnations symbolise the many roles women juggle daily, from being caregivers and professionals to leaders and nurturers. Their soft texture and vibrant colours reflect the warmth and vibrancy that women bring into our lives. Choosing carnations from Floristique for International Women's Day is a way of acknowledging the diverse roles of women and celebrating their invaluable contributions to our personal lives and society.

4. Peony

Celebrating Women's Day with peonies is a choice that speaks volumes. These plush, vibrant blooms are more than just a feast for the eyes. They carry a symbolism deeply resonant with the spirit of Women's Day. Peonies are often associated with romance and bashfulness, attributes that add to the charm and allure of women. The voluminous bloom of the peony can be seen as a symbol of a woman's ability to touch lives in countless ways. 

Moreover, peonies are known for their healing properties in traditional medicine, subtly symbolising the nurturing and healing role that women often play in our lives. A flower box filled with peonies celebrates women's nurturing and empathetic spirit across the globe.

5. Roses

Imagine a flower that captures the essence of feminine charm and sophistication - that's roses for you. These blooms, particularly the red and pink ones, are not just representations of deep admiration and love. They represent various emotions and qualities that women beautifully embody. The layered petals of a rose signify the depth of a woman's character, experiences, and wisdom. The intoxicating fragrance of a rose mirrors women's enchanting and inspiring presence in our lives. 

On Women's Day, presenting a rose from Floristique goes beyond giving a flower; it becomes a symbol of women's depth, wisdom, and inspiring influence. It is a homage to their sophistication, reinforcing why roses are an exceptionally fitting choice for this special day.

How Floristique Enhances Flowers for Women’s Day Celebrations

Floristique is not just about selling flowers; we’re about creating experiences. For Women's Day, we go the extra mile to ensure our flowers serve as a heartfelt tribute to women. We elevate our Floristique flower boxes and bouquets with thoughtful customisations and additional gifts

Personalised messages are included to express admiration and respect, turning each floral arrangement into a heartfelt letter. Add-ons like fruit or snack hampers, are paired with the flowers to create a more comprehensive gift experience. We also incorporate fairy lights into our flower boxes, infusing a sense of enchantment and sparkle into the overall presentation. These elements contribute to making our unique flower boxes for women’s day more than just a gift; they become an extraordinary expression of appreciation for the incredible women in our lives.

The Blooming Process of Floristique's Women's Day Flowers

1. Selection

The journey of Floristique's Women's Day flowers starts from the very heart of nature. For this special occasion, we carefully select each bloom to be added to our catalogue. Our choices are guided not only by the freshness and vibrancy of the flowers but also by their symbolic resonance with Women's Day itself. This thoughtful selection is the first step in creating a flower box or bouquet that is perfect for Women's Day.

2. Arrangement

For International Women's Day, our skilled florists meticulously curate exquisite bouquets, symbolising the essence of womanhood. Combining colours, textures, and shapes, each arrangement you select becomes an artful masterpiece, radiating love and admiration for our cherished women. These floral tributes are a heartfelt way for our customers to celebrate the remarkable women who inspire and empower them every day.

3. Delivery

Finally, at Floristique, our team ensures that every Women's Day or any other special event is stress-free. With our swift and reliable 24-hour delivery service, your flower boxes or bouquets will reach the recipients on time and in perfect condition. Be it surprising your mother, sister, or friend, we'll ensure that your thoughtful gesture brings joy and smiles to their faces. 

Celebrate International Women’s Day with Floristique’s Flowers

Join Floristique in honouring International Women's Day in Singapore. Our flowers, arranged into exquisite flower boxes and flower bouquets are a vibrant salute to the indomitable spirit of womanhood. Let's enrich this special day with a floral homage embodying this global celebration's essence. Place your flower orders online and add a touch of refined elegance to your International Women's Day gifts today.

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