Dos and Don’ts to Choosing Baby Hamper Gifts

| Wendy Han

To welcome the arrival of a newborn, you may be in the midst of choosing the perfect hamper gift before attending the baby shower to celebrate with the new parents. Yet, whether you're an aunt, uncle, grandparent or family friend, giving the parents something to make their lives easier and more fun while they take care of their little one can be a challenge. What should you include in your baby hamper gift? Should you find out what gender the child is or not? How many items should there be in total? 

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to pick a gift that’s both useful and thoughtful for your loved ones. With that said, here are some dos and don'ts when choosing what to present as a gift for the celebration. 

Selecting the Ideal Baby Hamper Gift: The Dos and Don’ts

1. Determine the gender of the baby

For starters, when your friend announces that they are expecting a baby, the first thing you have to know is the baby's gender. Knowing the gender of the baby will significantly help you in eliminating other options available on the market in Singapore.

2. Consider what you want to give as a gift

If you're a parent yourself, choosing the best baby shower hamper will be a piece of cake. You know that there will be significant changes once you give birth to your baby and know what’s best to include when selecting a baby gift hamper. 

But if you’re new to shopping for expectant parents, a good rule of thumb is to check if the person you are buying for has specific needs when it comes to their lifestyle and what they need help with. Do some research beforehand so you know exactly which kind of items would suit them best! For instance, you can consider giving nourishment tonics such as HockHua's Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps and American Ginseng in our Jenesis baby hamper.

There will also be tons of exploration and playtime for the new babies as they discover their new world. To give the babies the best playtime with their parents, you can also consider including soft toys in your baby shower hamper.

3. Choose essential items to include in your hamper gift

Giving gifts to new parents shouldn't only be something aesthetically appealing to the eye, but most importantly, it should also be practical. Consider incorporating baby clothes and milk bottles as part of your baby gift hamper like in our Adalie baby hamper

Take into account the most important things you need as a new parent. With milk bottles and baby clothes in the hamper for the newborn, it will surely make a great baby shower gift that any parent will appreciate!

4. Don't overlook the presentation of your hamper

It's true, the most important thing about a baby gift hamper is the thought of the giver. Yet, it is also essential to consider the overall presentation of your hamper. If you're finding it hard to arrange a baby shower hamper by yourself, you can count on Floristique to pay close attention to your gift and put together a thoughtful set.

5. Don't forget that it is always nice to include a card

A baby gift hamper is never complete without adding your personal touch. Don't forget to have a card to include your good wishes. Jot down some words of encouragement to congratulate the new parents along this next stage of life with their little one.

Shopping for Baby Shower Hampers Made Easy

Shopping for baby hamper gifts can be a time-consuming process. Whether you're browsing online or out shopping for the perfect gift, it can be hard to know what to buy. After all, you want it to stand out and show that you care about your friends or family's new baby! Even if you’re attending a baby shower at the last minute, you can still get your choice of hamper on time with Floristique’s reliable same-day delivery in Singapore. 

To get started, check out our curated selection of baby hampers and express your hearty congratulations with our newborn flower bouquets as well!

Require assistance selecting your ideal newborn baby gift hamper? Get in touch with our florist team today.

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