20 Greeting Ideas for New Parents

| Wendy Han

New Mum Flowers Gift - Floristique SG

Sending a hamper to friends who just became new parents, but you have absolutely no idea how to get started on a greeting card? Our Singapore florists have penned 20 messages that are sure to brighten your recipients’ day. 

Read on to view them now! 

Greeting Messages for New Moms

New Baby Flowers Gift - Floristique SG


  1. You've been a superwoman since the day I met you, now you can add supermom to that list, congratulations!
  2. They say that being a mom is the most difficult job you can have, but I know that you will use your strength, warmth, and love to do the best job possible.
  3. The idea of being a new mom may feel abundantly over whelming at times, but I am so proud of you and I will always be here for you.
  4. There is no one better suited to becoming a mother than you, how lucky your baby is to have you raise them.
  5. You bring such joy, warmth, and love to everyone in your life that I know you will bring even more to your new baby, congratulations and best wishes on your new adventure.


Comforting Messages for New Dads

New Dad Flowers Gift - Floristique SG


  1. Congratulations on becoming a new father, I wish you all the joy in the world, and a little luck in case you need it!
  2. I heard you are going to be a dad! Best wishes to you, I know you'll be the greatest dad you can be!
  3. In all the time I have known you, there's never been any challenge you haven't been able to take on. The challenge of becoming a new dad will be no different as I know you'll absolutely shine in your new role.
  4. I wish you all the happiness in your new chapter, life is about to become an even bigger rollercoaster but there's no denying it is life's best ride.
  5. New baby, new dad, new life. I know you'll be the best father in the world, and I can't wait for the day your new baby can tell you the same thing.


Congratulatory Messages for New Parents 

New Parents Flowers Gift - Floristique SG


  1. Becoming new parents may be the hardest job you can have, but I know you're both going to smash it.
  2. A whole new adventure is about to begin, and I couldn't be happier for you. I know your child is going to grow up big and strong! 
  3. Congratulations on your new little addition, the excitement has only just begun.
  4. There is no couple in the world more deserving of the joy and happiness that's to come than you.
  5. I am lucky to have you two as friends, but your baby is even luckier to have you two as parents.
  6. May your home always be filled with happiness, your family filled laughter, and your hearts filled with love.
  7. There are a lot of big changes coming but knowing you two as a do, there is no doubt that you will be able to handle everything with an abundance of love and laughter.
  8. You are about to experience life's greatest gift, while there may be a few lows, there will be far more highs!
  9. How wonderful your life is about to become as you experience little feet, little hands, and little kisses - congratulations to you both!
  10. You are about to embark on one of life's most incredible journeys together, the new life you have brought into this world is so lucky to have you, and never forget how lucky you are to have each other.

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