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Mental Health: How Can Flowers Boost Your Mood?

| Wendy Han

Mental Health - How Can Flowers Boost Your Mood


Whether roses, tulips, lilies or carnations, they all share one thing—they make you feel better.  A fresh, floral arrangement in the middle of your coffee table can be an absolute delight. Pretty to look at and fragrant smelling, flowers can have a powerfully subtle and intoxicating effect on both its giver and recipient.

The proven power of flowers

A well-known study done by Professor Jeannette Haviland-Jones in 2005, proves the uplifting effect of flowers. Next to other types of gifts like candles and fruit baskets, flowers do exceptionally well and elicit a genuine expression of joy from their recipients. 

But what exactly is it about flowers that produces a positive mood and lessens the effects of stress? Despite its seemingly fragile appearance and ephemeral nature, flowers combine many great things in one neat, beautiful package: chromotherapy, aromatherapy and the ability to trigger natural positive hormones.


Mental Health - How Can Flowers Boost Your Mood


Energising and calming shades 

Colours are known to have an effect on general mental well-being. Different hues of the spectrum can alter moods in different ways and those of blooms are no different. Warm colours like reds, oranges, pinks and yellows arouse and energise, while cooler hues like blue or green calm the mind, encourage concentration and lower blood pressure. So the next time you’re out buying a bunch of fresh tulips or lily flowers in Singapore, pick the ones best suited for your current mood. And if it’s to calm a stressed-out loved one, buying blue hydrangea flowers may be the way to go. 

Healing fragrances

Pleasant odours are potent in their ability to put us in a state of bliss. The unique, subtle fragrance of fresh flowers can almost magically lift your mood. Whilst reading in the middle of the afternoon, if you catch a whiff of its sweet, earthy fragrance—you’re instantly transported to the tulip fields of Holland. If you come home seething at your boss or irritated by the mess your children made, seeing and smelling a fresh bouquet for flowers delivered to your home, helps put your worries aside. Instead of sweating the small stuff, the soothing scent of lavender or the delightful smell of roses gently nudges you into relaxing.


Mental Health - How Can Flowers Boost Your Mood


Wired to love flowers

We’re fundamentally wired to feel good when we see flowers. In hunter-gatherer societies, flowers mark the end of winter and the start of spring—and being able to forage for food. Spotting flowers made our ancestors happy thousands of years ago. It triggers the release of dopamine, the hormone responsible for us feeling euphoric when receiving a reward. It was also a way for them to seek food with more nutrition, allowing for a more varied diet and flowers gave them just that.


Mental Health - How Can Flowers Boost Your Mood


Maintaining relationships

Humans are built to connect. Having healthy, supportive relationships make us feel heard, loved and valued—contributing to good well-being. Whenever we create a new bond or we maintain our existing ties by having a long, heartfelt conversation or sharing a laugh, serotonin is released and we feel good. Receiving a delightful surprise like a bouquet of flowers can make us feel loved—like we’re a part of a community and that we belong. Sending out flowers to a loved one can make us feel the same way.

What types of flowers to send? 

Deliver a bouquet of roses with baby breath or a few stalks of delightful sunflowers to the ones you love most. Brighten their day when they least expect it. Or if you’re in need of cheering up, treat yourself to some exquisite tulips.

Flowers are not meant only for special occasions like engagements or anniversaries, but for any ordinary day, and Floristique, Singapore's best florist is the perfect place to purchase your blooms.

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