Summer Flower Shows Around the World

| Wendy Han

Picture a realm where city squares and open fields metamorphose into sprawling canvases of colour, each petal contributing to a grand masterpiece. This captivating scene is what the blooming world of summer floral events is all about.

These aren't just a run-of-the-mill show of different flower types; they weave together the unique artistry, tradition, and community of a region to form a special cultural narrative. As summer unfolds, these festivals become the epicentres of botanical beauty and creativity.

To guide you through this vibrant landscape, this blog will explore various summer flower festivals worldwide, offering inspiration and delight for gardeners, flower enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike.

Top Summer Flower Shows Around the World 

Flowers bloom in full glory during summer, and there’s no better way to experience their beauty than attending a summer flower show.

1. Feria de las Flores

The Feria de las Flores, or Festival of Flowers, is one such event that is the heartbeat of Medellín, Colombia. This vibrant cultural celebration, established in 1957, initially served as a tribute to the region's flower-growing tradition. 

Over the years, it has evolved into a grand spectacle that captivates locals and tourists around the world. The week-long festival, celebrated in summer from late July until early August, is a kaleidoscope of colour, music, and dance. 

Enter the festival, and you’ll be greeted with a sensory overload, where the air is perfumed with floral scents, and the sounds of traditional Colombian music fill the streets. From flower-arranging competitions to open-air concerts, this celebration of Colombian heritage, artistry, and community spirit offers something for everyone.

However, the pinnacle is the "Desfile de Silleteros", an iconic parade where participants proudly carry "skillets," intricate flower bouquets arranged on wooden frames on their backs. These arrangements often feature unique flowers like the Colombian Cattleya Orchid, the national flower, and exotic blooms like Heliconias and Bird of Paradise, adding a uniquely local touch to them. 

2. Mackinac Lilac Festival

Located nearby is the Mackinac Lilac Festival, a 10-day extravaganza that transforms Mackinac Island, Michigan, into a fragrant paradise every June. Originating in the early 20th century, the summer flower show celebrates the island's unique lilac collections, some of which are original 150-year-old varieties. 

The event starts with the Lilac Festival Queen and Court coronation before unfolding into activities ranging from lilac planting demonstrations to the highly anticipated Lilac Festival Grand Parade.

It's a floral event that encapsulates the beauty of the transition from spring to summer via a blend of educational horticultural tours, boat cruises, and horse-drawn carriage rides, all set against a backdrop of blooming lilacs.

3. Portland Rose Festival

Founded in 1907, the Portland Rose Festival in Portland, Oregon, is a century-old tradition that has become an integral part of the city's cultural fabric. Originally conceived to put Portland on the world map as the "Rose City," the festival has grown into one of the most celebrated floral events, a multi-week flower arrangement exhibit every summer, from late May to early June, that goes beyond just showcasing roses.

The event kicks off with the crowning of the Rose Festival Queen, followed by a series of parades, including the Grand Floral Parade, which features intricate floats adorned with thousands of fresh flowers. 

But the festival is not just about parades and roses; it's an all-encompassing community event. Visitors can explore the CityFair, a carnival complete with rides and games, or participate in the Dragon Boat Race, a thrilling competition on the Willamette River.

For flower enthusiasts, the highlight would be the Rose Show, where amateur and professional gardeners display their most exquisite rose flowers. Meanwhile, workshops led by expert horticulturists offer you insights into rose cultivation, and you can even purchase unique rose varieties to take home, which makes a great anniversary gift to surprise your partner. 

Whether you're a rose aficionado or just looking for a fun, family-friendly event, the Portland Rose Festival is an event to look forward to.

4. Flower Carpet of Brussels

If you’re passionate about vibrant blooms, be sure to also check out the Flower Carpet of Brussels, an awe-inspiring event that turns the Grand Place in Brussels' central square into a living canvas of floral art. Volunteers from all over Belgium have gathered here every other August since 1971 to create a stunning begonia tapestry. This event aligns with Assumption Day and has become one of Europe's most awaited summer flower shows.

The festivities begin with a grand ceremony where the theme for that year's carpet is revealed. Expert horticulturists and florists then embark on the meticulous task of arranging close to a million begonias into unique, elaborate designs. These particular flowers are chosen for their durability and vibrant hues, ensuring the carpet remains a visual feast throughout its display.

But the floral event is more than just a visual spectacle. Visitors around the world can also immerse themselves in floral workshops, partake in guided tours, or even assist in laying the begonias. If you’re looking to attend the event, one of the most breathtaking spots is the Town Hall balcony, where you can get a panoramic view of this floral marvel. To add the perfect touch of magic to mark the end of your experience, stay until evening descends, when the spellbinding light and sound show brings this carpet to life.

5. Tomohon International Flower Festival

Closer to home is the Tomohon International Flower Festival, a captivating floral event that occurs annually every May in Tomohon, Indonesia. The festival was established in 2008 to promote local tourism and celebrate Indonesia's rich biodiversity and flower bouquet arrangements. As one of Asia's most renowned summer flower shows, the event attracts thousands of visitors from around the globe.

The festival is a week-long celebration filled with diverse activities visitors can enjoy. From flower parades to cultural performances and food festivals, it offers a holistic celebration of floral beauty and local heritage. The centrepiece among the exciting lineup is the Flower Parade, where intricately designed floats adorned with vibrant blooms parade through the city streets. These floats showcase flowers native to Indonesia, such as the exotic Rafflesia and the fragrant Jasmine, offering a glimpse into a culture unique to the country.

6. Singapore Garden Festival

Back in Singapore, we have the Singapore Garden Festival, which has rapidly ascended to become Asia's premier garden and floral design event. It has also earned its place as a must-see spectacle on the list of world summer flower festivals, captivating flower enthusiasts and tourists from around the globe.

Conceived as a platform to elevate Singapore's status as a city in a garden, the event has evolved into a global stage that gathers top award-winning gardeners and floral designers in one place. Hosted at the iconic Gardens by the Bay, this biennial event takes place every end of July to early August and is a must-visit for anyone with a penchant for unique botanical art.

One of the highlights is the Orchid Extravaganza, a breathtaking showcase of the most exotic orchids you'll ever see, including Singapore's national flower, the Vanda 'Miss Joaquim'. If you prefer other variants, the festival also offers a fusion of Eastern and Western aesthetics in its flower arrangements, making it a melting pot of floral artistry. Above all, the event features a myriad of flowers in interactive ways, offering an immersive experience for all. 

If the event piques a more profound interest in flowers, you can also learn more about orchids and other flowers through workshops led by world-renowned florists in Singapore and guided tours. Whether you're a casual flower enthusiast or a professional botanist, the Singapore Garden Festival promises an enriching and inspiring experience.

Bring the Magic of Floral Events to Your Own Space

As seasonal festivals, the magic of flower arrangements at these floral events is fleeting. But you don't always need to jet-set across the globe or wait eagerly for the next event to immerse yourself in the world of flowers. Not when you recreate your own unique summer floral paradise!

Crafting a Home Floral Display

To get started, choose unique flowers that resonate with you and arrange them in eye-catching designs. Factors you can consider include your colour preference or the overall theme of the venue where you intend to display your flower arrangement. To add an artistic flair, use vases of different shapes and sizes to create a dynamic look.

Interior Design with a Floral Twist

There are no limits in the world of artistic expression, so don’t restrict yourself to just flower bouquet arrangements or vases on tables; embrace the concept of floral interior designs. Small indoor potted plants or hanging terrariums can bring a fresh vibe into your home. If you're feeling adventurous, you could create a floral accent wall with a mix of real and artificial blooms. For further tips, our guide on creative ways to incorporate flowers into home décor can be a helpful source of reference. 

A Garden of Unique Flowers

If you have a garden, this is the perfect opportunity to plant some unique flowers you've admired at summer festivals around the world. Research what will grow well in your climate and plan a small flower bed or even a full-blown garden. For instance, in a country like Singapore, peony flowers will make a great option. With some research and planning, you can easily make them a part of your everyday life.

DIY Flower Arranging Session with Friends

When you’ve completed your masterpiece, why not invite a few friends over for a DIY flower-arranging session to spread the joy of sharing that you’ve experienced at the floral events? You can set up a "flower station" with vases, ribbons, and other decorative elements and invite your guests to bring their favourite blooms, from roses to sunflowers and hydrangea cut flowers, to contribute to the activity. 

By mixing and matching your blooms while carefully considering the colours of the flowers, you can easily create stunning flower arrangements for your home or to give away as unique gifts. It's not just a fun, interactive way to spend quality time with loved ones but also an opportunity to unleash your creativity and celebrate the beauty of flowers in a personal, meaningful way.

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