4 Basic Floral Arrangements and What They Mean

| Wendy Han

If you have a space in your home and office that looks empty, breathe life into it by integrating floral arrangements according to your own style. What's important is that it makes your place more cheerful and gives it a more vibrant personality.

You can use only one type of flower or design a combination of different types according to whether you just want to change the theme of the space for a week or whether you want to set the tone for a special occasion in the home or office (Valentine, birthday, job promotion, etc.).

1. Hand-tied Bouquets

The recipient of this bouquet is someone extra special to the gift givers because they took the time to design and arrange the flowers by hand. This refers to a bouquet that is made using separate flower stems and arranging them by hand to complete an arrangement. 

Once the design is completed, the florist binds the stems together. The stems should be long enough to be able to form a handle that is finally wrapped around with a ribbon to make the hand tied bouquet.

Another way of designing this type of floral arrangement is to decide on a focal flower, then add other varieties of flowers around it in a spiral positioning until you are content with the overall shape and size. Then make the necessary final adjustments with the flowers by adding, reducing or trimming the flowers. 

Then you wrap the stems with fabric before tying them together with floral tape, rope or ribbon.


2. Pageant Bouquets

They are also called as presentation bouquets. They are traditionally given to winners in competitions like the Miss Universe Pageant or to the principal performers after a ballet or opera presentation. 

But recently, they have become common floral arrangements for wedding bouquets. They could either be arranged in a simple and understated way or lavish and robust for a regal appearance. 

Whatever floral arrangement is decided on a pageant bouquet, it should fit conveniently into the crook of the arm of the lady who will be carrying it.


3. Box Bouquets

It is a bunch of flowers displayed in a box. What makes it different from other types of bouquets is that it has a floral foam at the bottom for holding water intended to hydrate the flowers. 

The firmness of the floral foam enables the flower arranger to easily design the placement and sequence of the flowers in the box. The floral foam, which can be wet for days, helps sustain the freshness of the flowers for a comparable number of days and helps brighten up the living space of the recipient. 

It can also be made a centrepiece in a lounge or living room. 

A box bouquet is also ideal for people who wouldn't have time to transfer and maintain the flowers into a vase, because by itself, it is sustainable not to wither for a couple of days because of the floral foam.


4. Flower Stands

They are decorative elements that showcase your variety of flowers on beautiful platforms which could be in different materials. 

They could be in metal, bamboo, wood or plastic form, as long as they are sturdy enough to carry the flowers which could be inside pots or vases. If you have blank spaces in a room or a lobby, you could insert these flower stands and the addition of greenery and other various flower colours could perk up the room. 

There are different styles of flower stands - they could be single level or multi-level, depending on the artistic or mood effect you want to create. You will be surprised at how well flower stands can help enhance your otherwise bland space.

Do note that floral arrangement isn’t as easy as it appears to be. If you don’t have a green thumb, no worries because we at Floristique have an extensive catalogue of bouquets for you. View today!

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