How to Use Fresh Flowers to Bring Color to Your Home

| Wendy Han

Fresh flowers aren’t only for special occasions. Plus, why wait for someone to gift them to you, when you can buy them yourself? Show yourself some self-love and bring in fresh flowers to add color to your home. You’ll thank yourself for it!


A vase full of carefully arranged seasonal flowers in your drawing room, a little bunch of wildflowers in your kitchen and such little indulgences can make you feel special. Here are some ideas from our florists in Singapore to help you choose fresh flowers to brighten up the house.


Choose Colors for Mood

Color plays a very important role on how you feel. Color creates a certain mood and atmosphere. It can be subtle and tranquil, or it can be intense and striking. Ask your Singapore florist to select flowers for your bouquet that will suit the mood you’re looking to achieve.


For instance, a large, jolly, yellow sunflower in the kitchen can make you feel sunny even on days you’re not in the mood for whipping up dinner. A bouquet of different shades of blue will have a pleasing, harmonious effect that will calm you every time you look at it. A bouquet of bright tulips on a rainy day will add some sunshine to the day.


Choose White Flowers for Grace

If you don’t know what colors to choose, go for white. White flowers on the coffee table will automatically bring grace and elegance into the room. They bring ethereal beauty into your space, and it’s hard to fault a bouquet of white flowers that brighten up a room. Plus, the flowers can be easily complemented by other pops of colors that you may have in your room.


A bunch of large off-white peonies that look like they have layers of soft frills can make a gentle, pretty centerpiece for your coffee table. White roses on the other hand are sophisticated and timeless. There are plenty of white and off-white flowers you can choose from when you visit your Singapore florist.


Foliage Counts

The kind of foliage and fillers that your bouquet includes with the flowers also matters. A florist with an eye for beauty will be able to tell you what kind of fillers will look best with your flowers. Foliage has subtle variations of green and different textures. They will help the various colors in your bouquet to blend well.


Give New Life to Wilting Bouquets

When the flowers on a bouquet begin to wilt, you can snip off the flowers and buds, and place them in a shallow ceramic or glass bowl filled with water. They will last longer and hold their colors and freshness for a few more days.


Use Unique Vases

There are so many possibilities of where you can place a beautifully made bouquet of fresh flowers. A soup bowl bursting with a bunch of fat blooms and foliage or a huge bunch of rainbow baby’s breath makes for a beautiful centerpiece on the living room coffee table. If you have a collection of glass bottles of various shapes, sizes and tints, you can place single stalks of blooms in them for a charming row of flowers to place on your kitchen shelf. A woven basket packed with thick wild blooms or dried flowers can bring a rustic charm into your home. Dried flowers can be a unique and long-lasting addition to your home.


Old kitchenware like old pitchers and watering pots make lovely bouquets. If they are painted, match bouquets to the vessel and you can have a charming addition to your kitchen decor.


We can help you choose a beautiful, fitting flower bouquet for your living room, bedroom or kitchen. It’s not just anniversaries, birthdays and weddings that call for flowers. You deserve a little flower love now and then too!

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