5 Most Fragrant Flowers to Add a Pleasant Scent to Your Home

| Wendy Han

5 Most Fragrant Flowers to Add a Pleasant Scent to Your Home

There are a number of ways to make your house smell pleasant. While you can use candles and essential oil diffusers, why not incorporate flowers that come with their own natural fragrance? In addition to its sweet scent, flowers can bring the outdoors in and add more colour to your home. From roses to eucalyptus, the following plants are known for their pleasant aroma.


Have These Fragrant Flowers in Your Home

1. Peony

In terms of smell, peonies share a similar scent to that of roses. Some peonies have a sweet and rosy fragrance, others are citrusy with hints of spice. Certain peonies also have a more fragrant scent that can be enjoyed from a distance while there are some that are less intense and will need you to come closer for it to really take effect. Peonies are available in an array of colours including pink, purple, coral, white, yellow, orange, red, and everything in between you can think of.

Although all shapes are equally beautiful, peonies in white and pink usually have a more robust scent compared to the rest of their vibrant counterparts!

2. Rose

"Stop and smell the roses." It sounds like an old cliché, but it is true that smelling roses encourages us to slow down for just one moment in our hurried lives. Some of the best-smelling roses are usually those of deep, dark colours with many petals. Additionally, these romantic and charming flowers also come with their own unique meanings.

For example, light pink stands for sweetness and darker shades of pink usually represent gratitude and appreciation. Yellow roses also represent friendship, red is for love, and orange is for passion. Find out more here when you’re buying a timeless rose bouquet, especially if you are planning to surprise a loved one at home. 

3. Lily

Lilies are one of the most known flowers all over the world. For centuries, lilies have been used for both medicinal and aesthetic purposes.

These beautifully scented blooms will make a gorgeous addition to your home. Traditionally, white lilies represent innocence, modesty, and chastity. Lilies in orange usually stand for passion, while the yellow represents gaiety.

4. Eucalyptus

Often used as filler flowers in bouquet arrangements, eucalyptus can also add a comforting and pleasant scent to your room. The minty smell of eucalyptus is often described as therapeutic. It's clean and crisp with a calming effect on the mind and body. In fact, eucalyptus is often incorporated into oils for aromatherapy because it's so versatile. Discover how eucalyptus is paired beautifully in our wide selection of flower bouquets here at Floristique.


Dried Flowers

5. Dried flowers

To keep fresh flowers looking their best, it's important to take care of your plants so they last as long as possible - which means providing them with plenty of water and sunlight! However, for those who don't have a green thumb, there are other ways to add flower bouquets or arrangements into your home without any maintenance required.

For many people in Singapore, dried flowers are also a preferred way to add fragrance to their living spaces. Dried flowers are extremely popular for a good reason! All these have different scents that not only smell nice but also last for hours when placed in an area with circulating air like by your desk or on top of furniture near open windows.

Besides that, dried flowers do not have to be watered, which means that you can enjoy their beauty for longer. Check out our Everlast series for stunning combinations of dried and preserved flowers.

Check out our ultimate guide to caring for your dried flowers here


Make Your Home Look and Smell Great

So now you have fresh flowers like lilies and peonies that are perfect for bringing in some new smells - and they can last up to a week - as well as dried flowers worth considering for your home. Need some help choosing your flowers? Get in touch with our Singapore florist team today.

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