How to Spruce Up Your Home Office With Flowers

| Wendy Han

It seems like working from home is here to stay in this new normal. While work-from-home arrangements might be a dream come true as you need not commute to-and-fro, it can be hard to feel like your office life and your home life are two separate things. Mentally, it can take a toll when you are unable to emotionally detach yourself from your work. It’s easy to feel burned out especially if you are working from home for the long-term.

For this reason, it is vital that you set up your home office the best way possible to suit your needs, and ensure that when you ‘step out’ of the office, you feel like work is finished, and you can properly relax in your home. Want to get started? You’ve arrived at the right website, because we have 3 quick tips that will help you create a home office that is inviting, energizing and conducive so that you can be as productive as you can during office hours.

Read on for our tips now!


1. Design and Layout

It is best to stick to an interior design that resonates with you, after all, you will be using this room for many hours on most days. If you find that your furniture being a certain layout helps you work better, then follow that layout, no matter what anyone else says. 

The same principle with the design, if you like it, then you should have it - this is your space, and it is important that you are happy and comfortable whilst you are in there. 

Ultimately, your interior layout will determine what ornaments go where. Which brings us to our next tip. 


2. Add Some Colour

Colour in your environment is a fantastic way to make you feel energised and motivated. Keep your home office bright with both the decor and if possible natural sunlight. One easy way to add colour and life to your home office is to have a gorgeous vase of flowers. Flowers easily add a pop of colour and life to any home or corporate office. 

Choose flowers that will fill your home office with colour like sunflowers or red tulips. Working around a fresh, bright atmosphere is extremely good for your mood, mind, and productivity, and will help make your office feel like a completely different space to the rest of your home. Ideally, you would want to place those flowers at a spot that is easily noticeable. Choose a vase to support your flowers. 

You don’t have to stick to just one type of flower. In fact, you could play around with different arrangements and colours to find what style best suits your home office. 

In other parts of the house, try sprucing up your décor with flowers of soothing colours like Calla Lily.


3. Add Room Scents

Believe it or not, having the right kind of scents in a room can improve your productivity and increase your mood. A natural scent is far better than an artificial one, so it is always best to opt for fresh flowers, than a plug-in air freshener. 

Pick flowers that are fruity or light in their scents such as hydrangeas. You should avoid flowers that have an overpowering smell as this will only serve as a distraction, as well as avoiding soothing scents like lavender which will make you feel sleepy rather than motivated. 

To keep your flowers smelling as fresh as possible, make sure you follow our florists' flower care guide and give your flowers the attention and treatment they deserve. 

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