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4 Benefits of Having Flowers on Your WFH Table

| Wendy Han

As work-from-home measures become a default for offices in Singapore, maintaining work efficiency can be a challenge as we may be more accustomed to being surrounded by the day-to-day hustle and bustle of our co-workers. The good news is, there are simple ways to ensure we stay productive while working remotely at home and that includes perking up the look of your home office with a neat arrangement of flowers. 

Not only will they brighten up a dull workspace, but they'll also make you more relaxed because of their calming scent. To keep you focused on work at the max, here’s why you can consider adding flowers to your desk space.

1. Boost your mood

Flowers are extremely refreshing to look at and when you have them as part of your WFH, it can make work feel less exhausting and draining. A colourful display of flowers can remind you of something beautiful and optimistic, even if you're just inside your home. Thoughtfully crafted with you in mind, flowers are also a welcoming sight when your eyes need a break from staring at the laptop screen for hours.

2. Reduce stress

When you're feeling too burned out from your deadlines and work tasks, the simple addition of flowers on your WFH table can make a difference in lifting your spirits and reducing the stress or anxiety you're feeling. In fact, people who keep flowers in their homes tend to become happier and less stressed with their everyday lives, which is much-needed when we’re spending most of our time now at home. The fact that they're so uplifting to be around, a vase of flowers brings a little bit of the outdoors into your home to alleviate some of the frustration you may be feeling from work.

3. Brighten up the look of your home office

Whether your home office has a white light or warm yellow light kind of setting, flowers are the perfect choice to amplify the ambience. It creates a more lively environment for your home office to kickstart your morning, motivating you to work harder. Whether you're looking for a little something extra or just want some nice-smelling company throughout your day, flowers make an excellent companion to any desk! 

This is mainly the reason why flowers are also a popular go-to decor for home interiors.

4. Promote a healthy working environment

Flowers don't just do wonders for your mental, emotional, and physical health, but it also benefits the air around your home. Just like how flowers promote fresh air when you're in a garden, the same goes for your home office. 

In order for your home office to have the healthiest environment possible, it's important to keep a variety of fresh flowers on hand. Having flowers in your office setup can help you breathe better air in the comfort of your own home. These plants are also proven to be natural air purifiers so whether it's making your home have a better fragrance or just promoting better air quality, they're perfect in both aspects.

Thrive Better with These Flowers

In a nutshell, fresh flowers can make any room feel more cheerful. Tulips, for instance, are one of the most elegant and gorgeous flowers to look at. They symbolise deep and unconditional love, which makes them great for households with families. 

Or if you're looking for flowers that represent prosperity and good luck in your home, peonies are great flowers for that. With a wide variety of flower arrangements at your disposal, it’s easy to brighten up your workspace as and when you need that boost of morale. If you're on the search for flower bouquets for your WFH setting, discover your choice of flowers at some of the best florists in Singapore such as Floristique.  

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