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The Ultimate Hamper Buying Guide

| Wendy Han

If there is one gift that never goes out of style no matter the occasion, it is a hamper.

People pride themselves in the impact a gift has on the recipient. The real value of a hamper is the excitement that comes with opening it. They reflect the effort you have made in coming up with the gift. A hamper is a great way of gracing any occasion and building a lasting impression.

Top 4 Occasions to Bring a Hamper

A. Baby Showers

Gifting a friend during a baby hamper goes a long way in making sure that the mom and baby’s requirements are met. 

Your hamper should contain the basic necessities for a little one. These include cleaning essentials such as towels and basins, diaper products, consumables and clothes.

One can also consider the needs of the mom-to-be. Include products like tonics or fresh fruits to boost her immunity.  The colour of the hamper should be warm, also colour-specific if you know of the gender of the baby, commonly pink for girls and blue for boys.

B. Business Partners & New Customers

Gifting a business partner a corporate hamper is an easy yet thoughtful way of showing appreciation. Gifts also strengthen the relationship between business partners. When packaging a hamper, consider the size of the company as the gift would most likely be shared amongst the representative’s team.

Hampers also serve as an excellent welcome gift for new customers. It bookmarks the start of an important and new venture for both you and your customer.

C. A Baby’s First Birthday

Never show up to a friend’s baby’s first birthday celebration without a gift! 

Presenting a baby hamper on a friend’s baby’s first birthday shows you appreciate their parenting efforts and your love for the baby. To ensure that your hamper is meaningful, consider the gender of the child.

This is the stage in which kids develop an interest in play toys, look out for hampers with baby plushies.

D. Meeting Your Partner’s Family

Ah, this is a big one. Meeting you partner’s family for the first time may be nerve-wrecking. Like birthday parties, the key is never to show up empty-handed especially if they are inviting you over for a home cooked meal.

Look for fruits hampers that contain nutritious fruits to build a long-lasting positive impression.

Hamper Gifting Etiquette

A. Consider the Contents

Your hamper will only make sense if it meets the needs of the receiver. For instance, you wouldn’t want to send a baby hamper to a corporate partner!

B. Attach a Card to Convey your Good Wishes

Attaching personalized cards in your hamper helps you pass a message and form a lasting impression on your recipient. This can be a thank you message to a business partner or well wishes.

C. Engage a Logistics Company to Deliver the Hamper

You might think it’s easier to just hand-deliver the hamper. But the truth is that hampers are pretty heavy and inconvenient to carry around.

On the other hand, having a logistics company to do the delivery for you serves you the efforts and time. All you need to do is state to them how you want it done and the destination then they get it done. A logistics company can also help you with ideas because of their wide range of knowledge and experience in hampers.

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